Sunday , September 27 2020

Causes Raymond is surprised to find out what the Greek kiss is in the "high hours"


A guest on High Hours last Saturday, 16th, Causs Raymond was caught off guard by a question posed by humorist Tirulipa to sexologist Laura Muller. The case entertained netizens who followed Sergio Groasman's program.

Photo: Reproduction

"A friend of mine wanted to ask, but I wouldn't say his name. There are people who have fantasies, different things that we want to do. This friend of mine discovered the Greek kiss and I wanted to know him … "Tirulipa said.

Causes Raymond then asked "What is a Greek kiss?" The actor immediately responded to the show's sexologist. "Kiss the anus," she explained.

The heart of the heart was amazed at the discovery. "I thought it was a triple kiss, such a thing," Kouch said.

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