Thursday , April 22 2021

Cars of friends who went fishing and eventually attacked were found on fire; the young man is still missing

RIO – One of the cars in which two of the three friends found dead this week in Mangaratiba were found burned by the Civil Police. The group left Nova Iguazu for fish during the celebration of São Jorge. The musician Arthur Oliveira continues (18) disappeared from the night last Monday.

Arthur left with his brother Anderson Martins and two other friends, Alexander from the Concept and Paolo Vinius, to fish in two separate cars, but did not return home. Relatives say the car in which the brothers were found was at the entrance to Itaguaí, with a key in the ignition and like all personal belongings.

According to information from family members, Anderson, who was in induced coma and hospitalized in a critical condition at the Mangaratib hospital, died on Thursday night.

The musician Arthur Nascimento de Oliveira still lacks
Musician Arthur Nascimento de Oliveira still missing Photo: Divulgação

The inhabitants of Nova Iguazu, the brothers, were in a special car of the two friends. According to Fernando Oliveira, uncle of the young, Anderson was found still alive, but with signs of beating and shot in his knee. At the entrance to the hospital, he would say he saw only "men shooting":

"They were all workers. The youngest was a helper in the band, and they also worked on the van, helping to carry goods." They were having fun on vacation and did not return home, "said Fernando.

Alexander da Conceicão, Paolo Vinius da Costa and Anderson Martins
Alexander da Conceicão, Paolo Vinius da Costa and Anderson Martins

Alexander, who was Anderson's neighbor, and Paolo Vinius, who also played with the brothers in the Rio 40 Graus group, were found killed on Wednesday evening at Ilha Dois Irmas, in the county of Muriki. According to the Civil Police, the circumstances of the events were determined by the 165th DP (Mangaratiba):

"We were all known and good people, they were accustomed to fishing, we have no idea what can happen, it's a very difficult time," said Fernando Oliveira.

According to the Civilian Police, the 165th DP (Mangaratiba) launched a police investigation to determine the circumstances of death and diligence in the course of resolving the case. .

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