Sunday , June 20 2021

Carlos Gosson will not be able to attend a meeting of Nissan Mie Portal

& nbspCarlos Ghosn will not be able to attend a Nissan meeting
Carlos Gosn was captured next to his stay (ANN)

At the end of the afternoon Monday (11), Carlos Gosn's 65 lawyer received a negative response from the Tokyo Court to a request for authorization to attend a meeting of the board of Nissan.


As the director of the company Ghosn has the right to participate, so filed a request on 8 this month. Detained without permission, the defendant appealed. But he again rejected the request.

While the court heard the other parties, it was clear that there was opposition from a mechanic and fear of the prosecution.

Lawyer Junichiro Hironaka explained the document presented by the Nissan car in the team of special promoters. "If the defendant attends a board meeting, there will be pressure that makes the conversation difficult," he argues.

Although journalists found out where he lives, Gosn says only "no comment". It remains to be awaited at the press conference with the presence of the lawyers' bench.

Sources: JNN, Yomiuri and ANN

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