Tuesday , September 22 2020

Camilla Pittanga talks about dating Beatriz Coeho for the first time


Actress Camila Pittanga spoke for the first time about her relationship with artist Beatrice Koehho. In an interview with The Ul, columnist Leo Dias, Camila said she had no new sexual orientation.

"Dating has emerged like any other, after mutual interest and time for conversation and knowledge. It's 2019, I think with so much progress and talks and information, it's impossible for anyone to understand or respect the fact that every human being is free to love whoever you love. Love is love. "

Keeping the relationship private, she said she follows the usual consistency of not exposing her relationships: "I've always tried to keep my private life private in all of my relationships, this would be no different. Thank you for honoring my decision at the time while appreciating it. " the love I received from people. Many people saw me with my girlfriend and were not surprised by this news because we never hid. "

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