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Caixa announced the result of Lotofácil this Monday (15)

The result of Lotofácil was held tonight at 8 pm Oh 1801 match was rewarding the value of R $ 2 million reais for a pledge that can get 15 dozen. The draw was held in the city of Sao Paolo, SP.

If more than one bet coincides with the winning prizes of Lotofácil, the value will be divided into sections. Check it out Full result below.

Lotofácil: the result of the 1801 competition was announced

01 04 05 07 10 12 13 15 17 18 19 20 22 23 24

The division of Lotofácil will be announced after all the rafts are released

Drafts on Lotofácil are always held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except on public holidays. The schedule of unsettled things will always be standard, second on the box the lottery schedule will be 20 hours.

Today's result of Lotofácil, match 1801. / Photo / Assembly
Today's result of Lotofácil, match 1801. / Photo / Assembly

How to bet on today's Lotofácil

As one of the main ways to win, the bettor must mark 15 numbers of 25 that are in the handler available.

The mode allows you to dial 15 to 18 numbers, the normal and traditional bet is 15 numbers, for which the value of two realms is paid. As you dial the number increases the chances of winning, under the price list.

Lotofácil betting table and values

Number of numbers Value in R $

  • 15 numbers _____________ 2.00
  • 16 numbers _____________ 32.00
  • 17 numbers _____________ 272.00
  • 18 numbers _____________ 1,632.00

Receiving prizes

You can receive your prize in any accredited lottery or in the branches of Cashier. If the net premium exceeds R $ 1,332.78 (gross for R $ 1,903.98), payment can be made only in Caixa's branches. Values ​​equal to or above $ 10,000 are paid after 2 days of presentation at the Caixa branch.

The awards are due 90 days after the date of the draw. After this period, the amounts are transferred to the National State Treasury for applying to the Fund for financing students for higher education. Lotofácil score of this second with lottery cash information.

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