Friday , June 18 2021

But J? China should soon begin to develop the 6G network

While the first towers for the 5G network are already activated in China, the country is already starting to prepare for the next step with technology. This is because local government plans already include the start of research in the future 6G network.

According to national publications, from 2020 the whole business should focus on creating a technology that will be responsible for introducing 6G to the telephone market.

We have plans to launch services with a 6G link until 2030 – said Su Xin, leader of the 5G working group at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Su Xin also said that the 6G network should be responsible for ensuring data transmission speeds up to 10 times higher than those introduced in 5G. In this way, an executive establishment that you will be able to have the download speed to 1 TB per second.

In addition, he cites that the 6G network should bring some "revolutionary changes" to the structures of wireless networks with the extension range to more distant areas two main centers. This will allow more efficient connection of devices.

It seems, however, that China is not the only one that looks at 6G. This is because scientists from the United States, the European Union and Russia soon work on the new network will begin. It is worth remembering that Huawei giant should launch its first smartphone with 5G during MWC 2019.

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