Wednesday , June 16 2021

Bruno Marquezin and Bruno Galliano comment on Deborah Nasimento's opinion of treason and a fiery war against Marina Rui Barbosa – TV spot

Jose Loreto, Bruno Marquezine, Deborah Nasimento (Photo: Divulgação)
Jose Loreto, Bruno Marquezine, Deborah Nasimento (Photo: Divulgação)

Show all, who first talked about the end of his marriage with Jose Loretto, had the support of countless celebrities. The announcement in its instagram has already reached more than 300 thousand rattles and about 86 comments, which are limited only to the followers of the actress.

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Among the celebrities who have spoken are Juliana Pais, Camilla Quiros, Bruno Marquezin, Bruno Galliano, Camilla Pythanga, among others. Bruno and Galliano commented only with the emotions of the heart, showing their support to Deborah Nacimento.

Both, their names were involved in controversy, due to the fact that Marianne Rui Barbosa was accused of being the key to separating the couple and that she had an affair with Jose Loreto behind the scenes of the Seventh Garden novel. Even after refusing his involvement with the actor, the actress suffered from reprisals by several celebrities who failed to follow her on their social networks, including Giovanna Eubank, Tylla Ayala and Bruna Marquezine.

Actress Deborah Naciteno wants to put her mouth on the trombone and talk about everything she knows about Jose Loretto. (Photo: reproduction)

Gagliasso, who stars with Marina and was the godfather of his marriage, will also cut off relations with the actress after the controversy fell into the media.

It is worth mentioning that Marina Rui Barbosa is still very well married to Xande Negrão despite the rumors of involvement with Jose Loreto. Speaking about the actor, he came to visit Deborah's house for the last couple of days. By the way, it seems that the two will actually bring in a marriage soon, the actress will wait only for the dust to fall.


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