Saturday , September 26 2020

Bruna and Neymar take unexpected action, and fans believe in reconciliation


Actress Bruna Marquezine, 24, and Brazilian star Neymar, 27, are currently two of the country's most celebrated and beloved. They were in a serious relationship until last year, but – after coming and going – broke off the connection at once, generating a lot of buzz on social networks. The former couple did not clarify why they separated.

The breakup took place in November 2018 and left BruMar fans, a term coined by celebrity names being destroyed, in the hope of reconciliation, which has never happened. But even after a year of separation, fans of the former couple do not lose hope that the athlete and artist can give back.

Now Bruna and Neymar's relationship has made fans think of a possible comeback after so long. That's because both Brunei and Paris Saint Germain striker kept photos of him while they were still boys on their social networks, which is unusual for people who don't want to come back.

The photos, released last year, remain on the personal profiles of Instagram of Bruna et al., Who apparently do not want to delete them. They never explained why they allowed the publications to stay, which is pretty weird in this situation. The fact has sparked a wave of speculation.

Now, those who support the BruMar couple are still hoping that the celebrity will be a couple again, though they haven't mentioned that they will give again.

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