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Brazil registers more than 100 measles cases, states Science and Health

There are already at least 107 cases of measles confirmed by the Brazilian states in 2019, according to unofficial balance. Oh G1 consulted with state healthcare secretaries from seven countries that had cases of this disease this year. The consulted countries were: Amazonas, Roraima, Para, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (see below, see actions and campaigns adopted by each of them).

  • Worldwide cases of measles rise 300% in 2019

The latest epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, dated May 16, cited 92 cases in the same seven countries. The bulletin is official information that centralises and unites the data of the whole country with the same methodology.

The difference is in new confirmation of measles in three conditions:

  • County Dublin wanted: 6 new cases;
  • Couple: 5 new cases;
  • New Orleans, Louisiana hotels: 4 new cases.

Officials from the Ministry of Health signaled the possibility of a national vaccination campaign for measles this June. The lawsuit has not yet been officially confirmed.

Cases of measles confirmed by the State of occurrence

Out of 107 cases at the national level

Source: Ministry of Health (16/5) and State Secretaries of Health

In 2018, Brazil experienced the onset of the disease with more than 10,000 cases, especially in Amazonas and Roraima.

Take a look at what each state claims to implement to monitor and retain measles this year.

All secretaries say they closely monitor the disease and plan control measures. So far, only the state of New Orleans, Louisiana hotels not detailed what measures were taken to combat the disease in 2019.

In County Dublin wanted, The State Department of Health confirms that it intends to vaccinate 2.9 million people from measles, June 10 – July 12. Vaccination Day D will be June 29. The federal government is expected to send 3.2 million doses of the country's vaccine.

According to the Director of the Center for Epidemiological Surveillance of the State, Regiane de Paula, measles have entered São Paulo from Europe, especially on cruise ships that landed in Santos. "We are working intensively with the municipality and in the vaccination of all crew members." Some ships have more than 6,500 people.

Cases of measles in Brazil

In the first months of the year, in confirmed cases

Source: WHO, Ministry of Health and State Health Secretariats

In the last few months, three countries have had measles: Para, Amazon and Roraima.

No Couple, the state government insists on the importance of vaccinating children, noting that vaccine coverage should always be above 95%. The vaccine that prevents the measles is MMR (which also includes rubella and mumps).

But, according to Sespa Department of Epidemiology Department, Ana Lucia Ferreira, coverage of the first dose is close to only 17.49%, and that of the second dose of the vaccine in 17.23%. According to the Param's Department of Health, the government worked in particular with the most disadvantaged cities in the western part of the country.

No Amazons, the last recorded case was in Manaus, on January 31, according to the state health department. In May, as part of the plan for measles, from 2019, a training was conducted for healthcare workers in 22 municipalities.

The Amazonas Epidemiological Surveillance Department also conducts "technical visits to Amazon cities to coordinate disease prevention, monitoring and control activities."

Amazons guide all people aged 6 to 49 to seek a vaccination center to immunize against measles. Since the beginning of the epidemic, in 2018, the state had 11,464 suspected measles cases distributed in 50 countries, 9,809 confirmed cases in 46 cities and 6 deaths. Most of the confirmed cases, 82.1%, were in Manaus.

Already in Roraima, the health department reported that from the beginning of the epidemic, the state registered 610 measles cases, of which 362 were confirmed. This year there is only one confirmed case.

"The role of the state is to monitor reported cases and to provide support to municipalities when asked by municipal managers. These activities are carried out daily by the core," said the health secretary at Roraima, in a statement.

Confirmed measles cases in Brazil

In 2018, there was a large increase in the number of cases, characterizing the outbreak in some countries.

Source: WHO – Ministry of Health – State Health Secretariats

In Minas Gerais, the health department said it had a contingency plan: "The goal is to plan, implement and evaluate prevention and control measures in a timely manner, from reporting possible cases of measles," he said in a note.

The state intends to anticipate possible crises, systematize its actions and complement the services of the municipalities.

Secretariat of Health of Santa Catarina reminded that the last autochthonous case of measles in the country was in 1999, when the occurrence of 25 people occurred. 3 cases this year were confirmed in February, also related to Maltese passengers. No new cases have been identified ever since.

"In the municipalities where the ship anchored in the UK were vaccinated workers who perform activities at the port, harbor, mooring, cable car, street crafts near the port, fishermen involved in driving with boats, craftsmen, taxi drivers and drivers are about 300 people "said the statement of the secretariat, adding that the municipalities are constantly monitored.

According to the protocol of the Ministry of Health, whenever confirmed cases of measles are confirmed, the sites should be followed up to 90 days after the date of starting the symptoms of the last case.

In February this year, the Ministry of Health asked the secretariats to strengthen and expand their coverage of vaccination against measles, in a kind of "vaccination pact". Almost half of the Brazilian municipalities have not reached the target of 95% coverage.

After last year's crisis, Brazil has lost the measles elimination certificate issued by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in 2016. The country is no longer considered an area without health status.

The measles vaccine is offered free of charge by the Single Health System (SUS) for children aged 15 months. In some countries, vaccines are offered to other more comprehensive priority groups.

Understand what measles, what symptoms, how to treat and who needs to be vaccinated - Photo: Infografía: Karina Almeida / G1Understand what measles, what symptoms, how to treat and who needs to be vaccinated - Photo: Infografía: Karina Almeida / G1

Understand what measles, what symptoms, how to treat and who needs to be vaccinated – Photo: Infografía: Karina Almeida / G1

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