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Bomb Psychologist on the topic of mental health in Tiktok – Behavior

Renison started making videos for TickTock in 2020 (Photo: Personal Archive)
Renison started making videos for TickTock in 2020 (Photo: Personal Archive)

When you think of psychoanalysis, you immediately think of a very cool, quiet office, a couch in the middle for you and your worries to talk there. Here, 2020 and TickTock annulled this order, mainly because of the creativity and courage of psychologist Renison Costa Arajo, 29, of Durados.

The psychologist already has more than 122,000 TickTock followers, a million likes and several million more views of his videos. This is because, among other things, Renison talks about mental health and psychoanalysis itself in many of his videos, always accompanied by his various dogs, a cat and his little bird Prue.

Renison started talking about psychoanalysis on Instagram, but it was difficult for him due to lack of engagement. “TickTock” fell like a glove mainly because it grew into exactly one year in which people’s mental health was completely shaken.

Renison responds to TickTock followers (Photo: Playback)
Renison responds to TickTock followers (Photo: Playback)

“I have always worked with the use of new technologies in my work and at the beginning it was not very easy. I remember coming to a teacher to tell me that I wanted to start acting, but I did not have the money to set up an office, and he discouraged me, saying that the virtual boy and the real boy are different and that this would be a bad service, something that I do not agree “

For Renison, who responds to the suspicions of many of his followers, it is useless to fight, nowadays the young man wants weaker content. “The young man no longer accepts that long job, he does not work, he wants short content and it objectively responds to his wishes.”

Renison says public feedback is great, although at the moment it is almost impossible to respond to everyone.

“There are many, many questions, so you can not see them all. “Not to mention that it does not matter what you do online, if you are successful, you hate, and they are sometimes hard hates.”

Renison says he does not make money directly from the success of TickTock, but that at least helped him close the meeting schedule faster.

Renison with his little bird Prue (Photo: Personal Archive)
Renison with his little bird Prue (Photo: Personal Archive)

“My wife also creates digital content and I think that later we can find a way to make money from it and why not become our livelihood.

Access Dr. Renison’s TickTock at this link.

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