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Bolsonaro estimates Mouro as the "manager" of the government

General Mour
General Mouro, left, defended the end of the 13th salrio during the campaign. Photo: Alessandro Dantas

The new structure of the Planalto Palace, which is being designed by the elect president Jair Bolsonaro, predicts that the Cabinet folder will have a different task and will no longer coordinate the ministries. These works would be carried out by the Vice-President of the Republic, General Hamilton Mourão. It is about the release of the future Chief of Staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, for political communication with the Congress, because the Secretariat of the Government – which is currently playing this role – will be extinguished.

In connection with the closest president of the president, the political articulation and opening of the link between Bolsonaro and parliamentarians will require time and effort in the voting scenario for projects considered fundamental by the new leadership.

The Planalto structure under the Bolsonaro government would give more power to General Mourão – who during the election campaign issued controversial statements and was therefore rejected by the then presidential candidate of the PSL – and may emphasize the differences between the political and military groups that surround the president-elect.

In the assessment of allies, because the government will be commanded by a retired military who thinks about the hierarchy, the view is that all ministers have the same level and will not accept the result of another holder of a "equal attitude". Placing Mourão before the Esplanade coordination would be a way to give the Vice President elect an advantage over other first step owners to collect the results.

If the new project is approved, Planalto Palace will lose the secretariat with ministerial status – government – with three folders: Civil House, with Lorenzoni; The Office for Institutional Security (GSI) together with General Augusto Heleno and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which will be taken over by former PSL President Gustavo Bebianno.

The General Secretariat is a kind of "City Hall Planalto", although it is associated with the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) – which aims to enter into partnership agreements with private initiatives and other privatization activities.

Another important item in the palace is the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, who still has no specific name. The holder of this position will be responsible for checking the agenda and who has or does not have access to Bolsonaro. Bebianno came to this role during the campaign and was initially quoted for the position. However, last week Lorenzoni announced Bebianno as "future minister" of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which has not been confirmed by Bolsonaro so far.


In the new project, along with the coordination of ministries, two deputies of the Civilian house chief – analysis and monitoring of government policy, and articulation and monitoring – should be forwarded to the Presidium. The possibility of transferring projects to PPI and accelerated growth programs (PAC) to the Vice-President is also being examined.

In the case of PPI, considered by the new government as an area of ​​excellence, there are projects ready for privatization in a short time, which can bring at least 100 billion R $. Although with limited resources for 2019, a publicly available battery should have approximately RM 17 billion available for scheduled work.

In turn, the civil office will run the executive secretary, undersecretary of Legal Affairs – by which all acts of the government will be approved – the national press, the National Institute of Industrial Property, in addition to committees and committees. and councils, such as economic and social development – the so-called The Council, which the new government wants to completely reformulate.

Civil House has at its disposal 190 commissioned positions, called DAS. Today, Planalto Palace has 3,500 employees.

The most important article is about investors

After provoking misunderstandings in the election campaign on controversial claims, the vice-president and elect. Hamilton Mourão now appears as one of the most trusted allies of the president's elect, Jair Bolsonaro. Over the past two weeks, Bolsonaro has delegated his substitute missions in various areas – from communication, economy and transport.

One of the most important was a visit to the headquarters of Petrobry on 9 November to "summarize the situation of the company" and convey the diagnosis of what the president-elect saw. Mourão, the reserve general, said he likes what he sees and that the company is healthy. His testimony has led to speculation that the president of the country, Ivan Monteiro, may remain in the office, which has not yet been confirmed.

Two days earlier, on November 7, Mourão received another mission – a meeting with a digital communication company that serves the government of Michel Temera and whose agreement is in force and can be extended until 2020. Mourão was in the headquarters of an Isobar advertising agency, with two who occupy become a socialite musician to see how this operation was. "The emphasis is on strengthening digital communication, which is the media Bolsonaro, which is the media (Donald) Trump (president of the United States)," Mourão told the state, noting that, in his opinion, "that communication, via filmetes, traditional advertising, which cost rivers of money will be abandoned. "

Last Tuesday, March 13, Mourão was invited to talk to the market, at the invitation of Bradesco BBI – which promotes an event for investors in New York via videoconference. His claim that Bolsonaro could privatize BR Distribuidor caused the company's shares to increase by more than 5%. On Wednesday, 14, he attended the headquarters of the National Association of Passenger Carriers on Rails, whose management board wanted to give the transitional team five priority topics concerning the development of national urban mobility.

To remember

Controversial phrases set the tone for the campaign of the then vice presidential candidate in the board of Jair Bolsonaro, reserve general Antonio Hamilton Mourão (PRTB).

In talks, events and interviews, the army came to call the 13th salary of jabuticaba, said that the Constitution "does not have to be carried out by selected people" and cited the possibility of "suicide" with the support of the Armed Forces.

This last statement was reprimanded by Bolsonaro himself in an interview given to Jornal Nacional. "He was unhappy, he gave a string, he never approved something like that," Bolsonaro said.

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