Sunday , April 11 2021

BOLA – The father of Emiliano Salla, 58, of a heart attack (Argentina)

Another bad news came back to get rid of the Sala family. The father of Emiliano Salla (an Argentine player who died last January in an aviation accident) died in the early hours of Thursday to Friday. According to the station C5N Horacio Salla was a victim of a heart attack at the age of 58 while he was at home.

The sad news was confirmed by Daniel Ribero, chairman of the San Martín de Progresso club, a site hosted by Horacio Salta.

"This morning, he felt chest pain, he was called by the doctor, but when he arrived, Horacio was dead." She was with him during the week. I crossed him on the street and spent half an hour raising soy, the truck … I noticed him better, I wanted to talk, "said the president, who had close ties with the driver.

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