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Attorney General Augusto Aras considers Cano's views unacceptable | National newspaper

The republic's new public prosecutor, Augusto Aras, commented on Saturday (28), the episode involving former public prosecutor Rodrigo Shano. Aras said he was considering Khan's position, which said he planned to assassinate Federal Supreme Court Minister Gilmar Mendes.

In the note, Augusto Aras said that "the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office is an institution that is above all the deviations practiced by any of its former members." It "views the news in one of its predecessors as unacceptable. And he claims to have confidence in the group of his colleagues, men and women who are technically qualified and skilled in performing his functional activity. He added: "The mistakes of a former prosecutor have no opportunity to tarnish the MP and his members. The Public Prosecutor's Office will continue to strictly respect its constitutional duty as guardian of the legal order. "

A legal news site, Toyota, posted on social media photos of a time when federal police searched Friday at the office of former Attorney General Rodrigo Chan.

Federal police have learned weapons, computers, tablets and cell phones, at the behest of Minister Alexander de Moraes. Moraes responded to the request of Supreme Minister Gilmar Mendes. Police were also in Han's office.

Alexander de Moraes is an investigative rapporteur investigating violations and threats against Supreme Ministers. He ordered the cessation of possession by a cannon gun, barred him from entering the Supreme Court and reaching less than 200 meters from any court minister. Moraes also pointed to the possibility of inciting crime and the possible introduction of five articles of national security law, including up to three years in prison for those who offend the bodily integrity and health of the authorities.

In press interviews, Rodrigo Hahn said that he entered the Federal Supreme Court in 2017 armed with a gun intending to kill Gilmar Mendes and then commit suicide. He said he even used the pistol and was less than two meters from the minister, but was unable to fire it.

The motivation would be a hint that Minister Gilmar Mendes would make a case against Zano's daughter, lawyer Letizia Ladeira Monteiro de Barros, who worked for the OAS in Caide, the Economic Defense Governing Council. This episode comes after the then Republic's public prosecutor sought, in May 2017, suspicion of Gilmar Mendes in cases related to Eike Batista. The businessman was defended in the actions of Lava Chateau by the office where the minister's wife, Guiomar Mendes, works.

Late in the morning this Saturday, 28, Rodrigo Fan went to a distributor of beverages that are often frequented. He was escorted by security guards and declined to be interviewed.

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