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At the border! Rodolfo shines on fines and the flu eliminates Santa Cruz in the BR Cup

Fluminense went through a great choke in the glass of Brazil. However, after a game below the average, in which he misused his mistakes and was beaten with 2: 0 by Santa Cruz (with goals from Yo and Pipiko) on Thursday night, in Arruda, Tricolor Das Lanniviras saw Rodolfo stand out to bring the team into next round of the tournament. The goalkeeper made two fines and secured a 3-2 victory on the lime brand against Santinha.

After winning his place in the last 16 of the Brazilian Cup, tricolors are turning their attention to Brasileirao. This week, Fluminense debuted in the game against Goias at 19:00 in Maracana.

Under tension
Tightness swept Fluminense in the initial phase. Accompanied by an intense Santa Cruz who pressed the exit of the ball, Fernando Dini's team was in place to fit the progress of Patrick and Augustus. Although there was room for a counterattack, Tricolor stumbled across bugs and saw the weakened firepower. In the clearest chance, Everaldo left Luciano ahead of the goal, but the 18th shirt, before the fallen Anderson, ended.

Watch out
Gradually, Coral Cobra found ways to tricolor defense. Charles filled his foot and made Rodolfo retaliate to save a heavy free kick. Then, Erton "doses" before August. 11, the shirt kicked, but the ball reached the obstacle. On the other hand, Fluminense had a flash of lightning in counter-attacks. Everest got up, and Yoni Gonzalez hit the bar. Luciano still wasted another chance.

Blow your leg!
At Fluminense he returned from a break at a quick pace and finding holes, but collecting a wasted chance. Yony ​​González was a disappointment, however. Then, Bruno Silva risked the entrance to the area, but much worse in the ball. In a new attack, Anderson tried to save Luciano's chance. The Cobra Coral 1 shirt still firmly defended the two conclusions from Gilberto.

(Almost) fatal naps
Errors at the front price of Tricolor das Laranjeiras very expensive. Showing more will, Santina saw that Fluminense's defense was not infallible. Charles rose and, after turning over Joao Victor, Joe broke out before Rodolfo's hesitancy. The received goal brought a very strong sequel: in the new hesitation by both sides, Augusto progressed as he wished for this area and, even after almost getting the way when he tried to reproach Rodolfo, shot to secure the second goal of the home team. Although Pedro came, Fernando Diniz continued to see how his team insulted and did not prevent the decision to free the penalty spot.

Rodolfo shines and classifies the flu for penalties
In the brand of lime, Rodolfo's star spoke higher and assured Fluminense in the next phase of the Brazilian Cup. The Tricolor goalkeeper was decisive when he scored a goal in the finish of Markos Martins and went on to celebrate after deciding the 3-2 result, which was in the middle of the goal to catch William Alves rhythm. Luciano, Pedro and Erton transferred the Tricolor charges to Lannigeras, while Gilberto allowed Anderson's defense. Santiña, who played better and saw Charles, thumped with Pipiko and Guillermo Quiros, left the pitch, looking at the Fernando Dinis team to qualify for the limit.


Time: 25-04-19-21:30
Stadium: Aruda, in Recife (PE)
Judge: Flavio Rodriguez de Souza (SP) Note L!: 5.0 – Although he did not make serious mistakes, he passively accepted the pressure the players made with each move.
Assistants: Vitor Carmona Metestine and Louise Alberto Andrini Nogera (SP)
Public / Income: 25.802 bonds / R $ 323.000,00
Yellow cards: Pipiko (STC), Cairo Henrique and Yerton (FLU)

Goals: Yo, 27? / 2ºT (1-0), Pipiko, 29? / 2ºT (2-0)

In collections: Pipiko and Guillermo Quiros hit Santa Cruz, Charles, Marcos Martins and William Alves spent it. Luciano, Pedro and Erroton were transformed into Fluminense, and Gilberto wasted.

SANTA CRUZ: Anderson. Marcos Martins, Joao Victor, William Alves and Carlos Renato; Charles, Italo Henrik and Patrick (Guillermo Quiros, 21? / 2ºT); Dudu (Yo, 38 '/ 1º T), Augusto (Elias, 37' / 2º T) and Pipico. Coach: Leston Junior

FLUMINENSE: Rodolfo; Gilberto, Mateus Ferraz, Nino and Cayo Enrique (Leo Arthur, 46? / 2ºT); Erton, Bruno Silva and Alan; Evaraldo, Luciano and Jonny Gonzalez (Pedro, 32 '/ 2ºT). Technical: Fernando Dennis

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