Tuesday , July 27 2021

At Globo, "Cine Holliúdy" makes a great debut and raises "Carcereiros"

Cinema Holliúdy
Leticia Colin, like Marilyn, at the Hollywood movie theater; series raises Globe audience (Picture: Marcos Rosa / Globo)

A new bet from Globe for the evening hours of Tuesday, "Holly Cinema" debuted yesterday (7), providing the best audience for the track this year, according to data from the Grand São Paulo. The series, in which starred Edmilson Filho – and based on the eponymous 2013 film, was well supported by other dramatic attractions of the house, all with satisfactory indexes.

In the air from 22h28 to 23h04, "Cine Holliúdy" reached 25.1 points, with a peak of 33.3% and 39.5% participation in the number of connected TVs (share); in the same range, SBT occupied the deputy with 9.7 and the record was on the third, 7.6. The performance of the series hit all releases of BBB 2019 on Tuesday; the record for the emission line, this day of the week and this year, belonged to the removal of Riesa from reality (on April 9): 24.0 points.

In the afternoon, Globo reached 13.5 points, 15.7 peak and 30.2% stake, from 15:52 to 16:47 with the "Album of the Great Family". "Vale a Pena Verde de Novo," with "Por Amor", scored 16.2 points, 19.2 peaks and 30.6% action, between 16:47 and 18:07. Already "Malhação – Toda de Amar" shot 19.1 points, with 20.8 peaks and 30.5% stake, from 06:07 to 18:36.

The three primitive series also earned good numbers: 23.3 points, 25.4 peak and 35% for "The Earth's Surprises", between 18h36 and 19h18; 27.6 points, 30.3 peak and 38.9% action for "Summer 90", from 7:42 to 8:29; and 32.5 points, 34 peaks and 45.4% action for the "Seventh Guardian", between 21:22 and 22:28. The "Carcereiros" series, shown after "Cine Holliúdy" – 23h04 at 23h48 – gained 15.0 points, 22.1 peak and 27.7% of the stock, a record of the season.

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