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Apps for the Week: Top Apps for Android, iOS and Windows [15/11/19]


After a lot of app updates last week, another Friday came to check out the highlights of the most diverse apps in the last seven days.

The column is dedicated to explaining the latest updates to existing applications or new arrivals on the main platforms available for mobile and PC.

You can check each new feature shared by the operating system: multiplatform – when the change affects more than one operating system -, Android, iOS and Windows.

Therefore, check out the updates from the Applications column of the Week below. Also, be sure to comment on changes in the comment box right after the text.

Uber (1,2)

  • Uber has announced several new security features for Brazil. One is to have voice or video track records. Another is to use PINs from users so that the driver does not start a race before boarding.
  • Also for the Brazilian market, the driving application introduced the "Public Transport" option in the country – to integrate public and private transport. The city of Sao Paulo will be the first favorite.

Instagram has begun testing the TikTok feature as its own story. In practice, the new feature – dubbed "Scenes" – will provide more editing options, such as adding background music, AR effects, adjusting video speed and remixing footage with someone else.

Google Photos has announced an update with a new scroll menu to replace the sidebar. By updating, information such as "delete from device", "print" or "add album" will be located at the bottom of the application.

Skype has received an update for Android, iOS and Windows platforms with chat translation support without the use of bots. The purpose of the complaint is to facilitate conversations with people who speak a language other than your own.

Mark Zuckerberg's company has introduced its new payment service, Facebook Pay. It aims to facilitate transactions across networks and will be available for all company applications – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

To integrate its solutions, Google will implement Translator into Maps. The purpose of the search engine will be to prevent its user from getting lost while traveling internationally. Your smartphone can determine where you might need help wherever you are.

Microsoft's software development platform, GitHub, announced that it will soon be available to Android and iOS mobile users. The tool will launch an application for both operating systems, including night mode support.

This week LinkedIn introduced a new feature for freelancers and small businesses in Brazil. The social network focused on professional use brought the tool "Available for Business", which indicates the type of service they offer in their profiles and defines how they want to be deployed on the platform.

With some of the features integrated into Google's lens, the popular Google Camera app can now scan, translate and copy text. What's new promises greater practicality and economy of text by having all the features in one app – without having to look for other third-party tools for each feature.

Available only for Android, Firefox Lite 2.0 has appeared as a new version of the Mozilla browser built with the Chromium engine. The latest release has, among other things, an optimized shopping interface, turbo mode and full screen.

WhatsApp (1, 2)

  • Even in its beta for Android, WhatsApp has been updated with the brand to remind that it belongs to Facebook. In practice, this means that under all options on the menu will appear the logo written "from FACEBOOK".
  • Also, in its trial version of Google's operating system, the messenger will notify you of blocked contacts. In addition, you will also get the feature of separating personal contacts from corporate ones.

Microsoft has updated its Outlook for iOS app with event reminders in their inbox. The app can access the calendar and if it finds something in the calendar, it will notify the user 30 minutes before the meeting at the top of the page.

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