Saturday , July 31 2021

Anvisa collects 185 sets of drugs against hypertension

Anvisa (National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance) announced that it will collect 185 series of antihypertensive drugs due to the presence of impurities associated with a potential cancer risk.

Losartan, the second-highest-selling drug in Brazil for this disease, is among the many to be collected, in addition to Walsartan, which is also widely used throughout the country.

the woman measures the pressure

Credit: Capuski / iStockAnvisa collects 185 drugs for hypertension

According to the Ministry of Health, high blood pressure affects one in four Brazilian adults, who would be around 30 million people.

Therefore, it is imperative for those who use the medicine to know exactly what medications for hypertension will collect Anvisa. Check out the full list here.

The guideline is that anyone who uses the medicine maintains the treatment until it is assessed with a doctor for a possible product exchange.

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