Saturday , September 18 2021

ANNOUNCED! New loan payments with values ​​starting from 2 thousand R $ on FGTS

А. Federal Reserve Bank announced the advance payment of Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), in the modality that came into force in 2020, the so-called birthday withdrawal. In this month of October, this new option for workers can be presented as an online loan guarantee.

Workers will have up to three years’ pay on the resource credit in the minimum amount of 2,000 USD. According to Kaixa President Pedro Guimares, the money will be released digitally, without the need for the worker to go to an agency.

“The loan consists of an advance payment of the amount available in the month of your birthday. О FGTS balance “It is used as a guarantee for the operation, bringing simplicity and flexibility to the contractual agreement,” Kaiksa said.

The interest rate, as the bank informs, is attractive: 0.99% per month, among loans to individuals.

“Credit is quick and easy, without bureaucracy. “Just access Internet banking, simulate, hire and use the resource,” the bank said.

Advantages of the loan

According to the president of Kaiksa, the advantages of the loan are lower interest rates for individuals, 0.99% per month.

“You can predict one, two, or even three years. “The amount is also different, up to the balance limit, with a minimum of $ 2,000,” he said live.

  • Interest per month: 0.99%
  • Interest per year: 12.54%
  • Minimum loan amount: 2 thousand R $
  • Prediction of benefit for up to three years.
  • Ease: Quick and easy to hire loan
  • Convenience: Automatic and single payment
  • Speed: Money in the account the day after employment
  • Convenience: It does not weigh in the budget because there is no monthly installment


  • Be over 18 years old or emancipated
  • Have a savings account or CAIXA checking account
  • Be with CPF in a regular situation in the PRO

How to hire a credit line?

According to the information from Kaiksa, the employee can hire him PGTS Birthday Withdrawal Prediction “Wherever you are, on the palm of your hand or on a computer, in a completely digital way,” the bank said.

Join the birthday booty

Register for CAIXA Internet Banking, CAIXA Application or FGTS Application and mark CAIXA. Check the amount you are entitled to.


It is possible to conclude an agreement through the network of branches and also through Internet banking CAIXA.

Currently, due to the need to adjust the digital channel due to high demand, employment is done only in the branches. They will soon be available again through Internet Banking and the CAIXA application.

Money in the account

CAIXA blocks the FGTS account balance for warranty purposes and releases the subscription amount to your account the next day.


The agreement on the new loan modality started on July 27th. Caixa Econômica Federal predicts high demand for the service, as around 6.1 million people have joined the birthday party.

Loans repaid with FGTS

By September, the Caixa Econômica Federal had made loans to cut wages for a total of 760,000 workers using the FGTS (seniority guarantee fund) as a guarantee, according to Economy Ministry Economic Policy Secretary Adolfo Sachsida.

Also, according to the secretary, on September 15, the guaranteed volume was approximately R $ 2.2 billion.

“I spoke to Kaiksa a while ago and they informed me that 760,000 workers had taken advantage of the loan deducted from the salary guaranteed by the FGTS. “This new type of loan amounted to Rs 2.2 billion in guarantees,” the SPE chief said. “We drive the payroll market for the FGTS payroll. It is a more stopped way for the consumer. “I invite other banks to do the same.”

The use of FGTS withdrawals as a guarantee for market loans is provided for in the new benefit rules, which were approved by Congress last year and created the modalities for anniversary withdrawals and immediate withdrawals.

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