Thursday , October 1 2020

Anita Copies Wesley Safadino and Earns Over $ 500K on Internet TV Show


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Anita has made a lot of money since her last appearances. According to the newspaper Extra, she refused to make shows for less than $ 500,000. Shankeira charged 250,000 reals for each presentation, but can double the price by closing the deal with the big companies and get a percentage of the profits from the event being presented.

Anita's strategy is the same as that used by other singers, like Wesley Safaglio. With the media, the singer makes fewer shows a month but performs at large events with a large audience. In June, she would receive $ 50,000 from the Parintins City Hall, Amazon, to sing at a traditional local party. The amount would pay the dancers, as well as tickets, transfers, accommodation and food.

Anita earned about $ 500,000 per show. (Credits: Reproduction / Google)

Anita stole the scene abroad

The singer performed at the Los4040 Awards, an award held in Spain on the last day (08), organized by a radio conglomerate from this country. Anita performed the song "Rip" with Sofia Reyes, a partnership featuring Rita Ora and won the "Best Music" award for the song.

She still enjoys traveling and last night (09) met Esther Exposito, one of the stars of the Elite series, and went to enjoy a ballad together. Anita has already stated that she wanted to marry her through a social network. "Will you marry me?" Funkira asked. "When and where?" The actress replied. However, we know that it is a joke of both of them and that they are good friends.

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