Tuesday , July 27 2021

Android Q: What will be the official name of the new version of the Google system?

Last Tuesday (7), during the Google I / O event, Google presented several new features and modifications that it will present in its next operating system, so far only known as the code name of Android Q. While the revelation of the official name was something is expected by many people and it has not yet been done by the company, for now what people can do is try to find out what will be the name of the next Android operating system – if it is, in the end, it will not is called only Android Q.

Android Quiche

Although not exactly dessert, most often, the food started with the letter Q, known in the world. Although Quiche's most famous taste is bacon, cheese and garlic, there are some sweet varieties of eating, such as seals such as banana and chocolate.

Android Quindim

Our Brazilian "pudding" of sugar, coconut and egg yolk is considered the favorite for the name of the next version of Android. After all, Quindim is not only one of the few existing desserts with the letter Q, because its name is relatively small and easy to pronounce even from those who do not speak Portuguese. The only point against this is regionalism, because outside of Brazil virtually no one knows this delicacy.

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Android cheerleader

Another sweet Brazilian junior, mentioned in the lists of possible names for the new Android, queijadinha is a dessert typical of the southeast region of the country, and was created in the mid-eighteenth century, when a slave modified the recipe of traditional Portuguese cheese, replacing cocoa cheese . Although "Queijadinha Android" is one of the most colloquial names on this list, the chance to be chosen is very small, because besides being a candy known only in a small region in the world, the pronunciation of the word may prove to be complicated -portugal speakers.

Android cheerleader

If there is something that is not lacking in Brazilian cuisine, it is coconut desserts that begin with the letter Q. The layer is also typical sweet from the ground and resembles peanuts instead of peanuts coconut. Although the "Android Cheerleader" is a great name to demonstrate the firmness of the operating system, it's hard to be chosen for the same reasons as a cheat: it's a bit familiar and can cause difficulty in pronunciation for gringos.

Android Quebec

Although Google's tradition of naming its operating systems like candy, the fact that there are little sweets with the letter Q – and almost all of them are quite regional delicacies little known by the world as a whole – there is always a chance for the company to break its own rules and to choose a name that is not from the candy of the system. And in that case, Android Quebec may be one of the options. In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in Canada in the international phonetic language (one used by police and other professionals using radio communication to write words and license plates), Quebec is the word used to indicate the letter "Q" so when we leave the names of sweets this can be one of the first options.

Android Quidditch (or Quidditch)

Quidditch – or, as is known in Brazil, Quidditch – is a sport of the Harry Potter universe, which seems to be mixed football and rugby, practiced at the top of flying brooms and who owns a game that, when finished, invalidates all the rest of the competition and sets the winner – regardless of the result that was to that point. And it will be a name that makes sense for the system: not only does Harry Potter's extremely popular worldwide, but ignoring everything that happened earlier, because of an arbitrary rule is exactly what Google does if it does not give the new version of Android name based on dessert.

Android Quaker

Google already has a history when needed, not picking the dessert itself, but the sweetness of the brand (like Android Kit Kat and Android Oreo help). Thus, one of the world's leading food brands Q is Quaker. Okay, oat vegetation is not always sweet, but it is not necessarily salty, or, in fact, is a reckless business that mixes in any food that wants to give him more "food". That's why Quaker can only be the name chosen by Google for Android Q because the company knows that it should mix something with the name of its new system to give it "maintenance" to it, even if in the end something is kind.

Android Quill

Pero in English, "pen" can be translated into Portuguese as "writing a pen" – no feeling of mourning, but old pens that were not pens, but feathers of a bird that moistens the top in a pot by writing ink. It is not the most logical choice, but if within a few weeks before the launch, the company still does not decide on how its new system will be named, the pen may be an option chosen by punishment.

Android quota

Quota is not the most beautiful name, neither the most elegant nor the most developed. It has nothing to do with Google's history or the development of Android, or with any of the executives and engineers of the company. It is a generic, peaceful name, which is literally used only to supply the quota of names on this list.

Android Quixote

Deciding on the name of the next Android system always looks like an impossible task as killing giants and makes the press spend months thinking about all the possible possibilities and scenarios of what it will consider from Google for this appointment and in the end, this giant was just a windmill and the company discovers the likely possible name. So, in this exercise of mills and giants, Quixote can be a valid option as shown here.

Android Quiz

What's the next Android name? When will it be published? Why has Google not yet given a clue to the official name of the system? Why are we concerned about this? Why write "all together" separate and "separate" write all together? With so many issues, Google could already take over the sfine-qualitative quality of its operating system and call it the Android Quiz logo. Ultimately, as the poet would say: "If I liked the puzzle, I was part of the Scooby-Doo gang.

Android Q

And, of course, there is always the option of a total lack of fantasy to officially call the new Android OS. There are no desserts, no jokes and no fancy words. Only P. The company can still talk about respect for the character of James Bond films, which always guarantees the agent devices and weapons to ensure that he can complete his mission – just as Android provides users with applications that make it easier their lives. And when mobile phones of some brands start to explode, companies can save a bundle of processes, saying it's the point, accusing the user of not reading the right handbook to know how many times to press the external button to tool or disarm the bomb in the form of a smartphone.

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