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all know about the Volkswagen T-Cross 250 TSI Highline

Moment of Truth: How is the Volkswagen T-Cross, the first compact SUV of the brand made in Brazil? Is it the best SUV in the segment? Is it the best car in Volkswagen? Is it really what you are talking about? To answer these questions that practically every buyer or SUV fan in Brazil does, Privacy Policy tested for a week and about 500 kilometers of T-Cross and its most complete configuration at 250 TSI Highline.

Nor was it a matter of choice: T-Cross is not yet ready – it is still pre-production (or pre-production) at the São José dos Pinhais (PR) plant. Thus, Volkswagen launched the SUV with just one configuration, just the most complete and expensive, equipped with the 1.4 Turboflex Golf, Jetta and Tiguan engine (called the 250 TSI, has 150 horsepower and 25.5 kgfm of torque, both with petrol and with ethanol), with Highline package (complete, but no sports flights). The gearbox is six-speed automatic (Tiptronic), Polo and Virtus.

Also, during this edition, a limited edition of 800 T-Cross units was put up for sale, including full bicolor and visual dye settings. It all ended in a week. T-Cross is not currently being sold by the official VW configurator. You can even try one of the dealers, but not all of them make this type of reservation at the moment. The T-Cross will only be restarted from the end of the month, when the production is at the pace of the two propulsion engines (1.0 200 TSI, 1.4 250 TSI) and all four ends. Even those who took the T-Cross in the pre-sale will receive only a model between late March and early April.

How much does the Volkswagen T-Cross cost?

As noted, the Volkswagen T-Cross 250 TSI Highline starts at $ 109,990. And this is the main point: it really is a great value for the version. It is above all rivals, even from models that are considered expensive, such as Honda HR-V EXL (R $ 108,500) and Chevrolet Tracker Midnight (R $ 105,690). It is almost the price of the initial version of the Jeep Compass (Sport AT 2.0 Flex), the SUV that is larger and more comprehensive (R $ 113,990).

Fox says her T-Cross is safer, more advanced and more complete than its rivals. But, of course, this value is problematic.

Murilo Góes / UOL
Nice to see, but too hard to touch: T-Cross finish can be better Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

T-Cross Equipment

They are in the T-Cross 250 TSI Highline series: Stability Control (ESC), traction control and hill retention; six airbags; disc brakes on all four wheels; electronic differential lock (including overlap); electric direction; front, rear and rear sensors; Isofix for children's seats; fog lights with cornering function; daytime running lights and LED back lights; driver's seat with lumbar adjustment, front passenger seat folding backrest; digital air conditioning (one zone); Tire pressure gauge; 17-inch alloy wheels with tires 205/55 R17; automatic braking system (with collision alert and simultaneous braking); LED ambient lighting; selector of driving mode; smart key; start / stop system; and rain and twilight sensors.

Privacy Policy has not tested a super complete (pre-sale) unit, but the most complete version that will be found in stores as soon as sales continue. For example, there is no pan in a different tone. However, you can believe that the value will come close to $ 130,000, which is really excessive for a small SUV. The options are: panoramic sunroof; a full digital panel; "Discover Media" system with a browser, 8-inch color screen, voice command input, USB in the center console and USB double in the back seat; Complete LED headlight; premium sound subwoofer (which awards for a more precise high tone); parking assistance for entry and exit.

Murilo Góes / UOL
Engine 1.4 turbo, 150 hp, running over. Only AT6 exchange is not up to Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

How is VW T-Cross

Toc, toc, toc! We have already said that the high price of the full version of T-Cross is problematic and this was unanimous among the journalists who tested the model. It also disturbs the noise made by examining the plastic casing of the cabin. It's hard, like Polo and Virtus, although it's better finished and has beautiful textures. But it could be soft at the price charged, indeed.

Let's talk about another feature that disturbed us in the T-Cross 250 TSI Highline. And this can not be changed with a simple upgrade in production: the SUV is too much, with a turboflex 1.4 turboflex engine full of breath in almost every situation it faces in the city and on the road – remember, T – Cross does not have 4×4 configuration, nor height for one off road real.

But "practical" from the previous paragraph refers to the six-speed automatic transmission (Tiptronic). Is it a market standard? Yes. Are you connected to rivals? Yes. But that is not enough for the engine and the reasons lags, delays in exits and repetitions, especially in the urban environment, with traffic and braking. Or in that little extension when passing through trenches and spines. The T-Cross has the slowness of returning that it will not be if the exchange is appropriate to the strength of the 1.4 turbo engine. What would be ideal? Install the DSG (automatic double-clutch transmission, which is part of the original 1.4 TSI engine design). It is a pity that this option is not in the Brazilian specification of Volkswagen.

Solutions such as lumbar adjustment for the driver's seat (and strange not on the front passenger seat), the additional adjustment of the rear seat backrest for increasing the boot (from 373 to 420 liters) that exists only in the version Highline (but this prevents the use of a chair when enabled), and the folding floor of the trunk seems simple, but makes a difference in everyday use. So much, which should not be optional.

In addition, we also have a tasty SUV for driving, with an excellent driver position, an excellent space for the cab and steering wheel with precise fingerprint. The level of equipment is exceptional, especially with all installed packages. And the silence of the board is an example, better than any rival. And the space is very good, with a 2.65 m wheelbase, even with the T-Cross model that can be considered as small in size (4.20 m from the bumper to the bumper): we adjust the driver's seat for someone who has six legs, we did not encounter anything or anyone, and the reserve space in the back row was still huge.

There was a little more semiautonomous help for nearly $ 130,000, but there are actually more in the T-Cross cab than a good deal of competitors' offer.

It's also true that even when driving hard, the T-Cross remains economical because it almost never crosses the border, on the contrary – it's normal to look at the spindle and find the engine running below 1,500 turns. In our test, we average an average of 10.9 kgfm. And this is thinking about motor softening under 2,000 miles (the manual itself suggests that the journey of up to 1,000 kilometers is not interesting to cause unnecessary engine efforts). And to have space, to go well and to spend a bit are the features that the market is overly nurturing when talking about familiar models like SUVs.

Technical Specifications

Volkswagen T-Cross 250 TSI Highline
Engine: EA211, 1.4 turboflex, four cylinders
Power: 150 horses (gasoline / ethanol), with 4500 turns
Torque: 25.5 kgfm (gasoline / ethanol) at 1500 rpm
Currency: automatic, 6 speeds (Tiptronic)
Maximum speed: 195 km / h
0-100 km / h: 9 sec
Dimensions: 4.20 m long, 2.65 m wheelbase
Luggage space: 373-420 liters
Weight: 1.290 kg
Price: 109,900 initials

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