Monday , January 18 2021

Ajax is among the four in Europe – not by accident – Blog by Julio Gomes

It is difficult to conclude what is strangest in Ajax goes to the semifinals of the Champions League.

Real Madrid win at Bernabeu? Juventus wins in Turin? Should Cristiano Ronaldo speak alone, eliminated, head down?

The results in football can be achieved in many ways. I am most surprised by the way Ajax achieved the next ranking.

Imposing your game, speed and intensity, submitting an opponent. Ajax could not "inadvertently" qualify, with a reactive game, to play for a ball.

On Tuesday, with a Torino score, 1 to 1 and overtime, Juventus barely saw the ball. Ajax fully dominated the stocks, took care of the midfield and created a chance after another. The target came.

The VAR could and should have scored a penalty for Juventus for 45 minutes in the latter. What will change? We will never know. But the fact is that the possible exhaustion or anxiety of Juve will create a huge injustice to the tie.

Ajax was better in Amsterdam and better in Turin.

Only season, Ajax is not a big European again due to the successful Champions League. It is possible that this young and engaged team will be crushed because Ajax has become a sales team (for some time). But back to being at the top, feel the taste to be great.

Kruff laughs wherever he is. Those we love well played soccer.

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