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Sunday , April 18 2021

After the defeat of America, Matheusinho reveals a surprise with Operario: "We do not know the opponent"

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This Friday, America went to Paran to launch its Brazilian B Series campaign. The rabbit confronted Operrio-PR at the Stadio Germano Krzier in Ponta Grossa. In a busy race, the US team was 1-0. After the match, midfielder Matheusinho revealed that the team did not know the Parana team.

"We did not know the opponent. We tried to create, we tried to get there, but their team was tall and we lost a little bit in that, in the ball and there we took the goal. Well, I'm going home and correcting the mistakes we make, so in the next game we go with a total, we win and we remain strong in the league, "he told the channel Premiere.

Coach Guvaldillo Oliveira, however, was not surprised by the performance of his opponent, claiming he had seen the last games of Operrio.

"That was what we saw from two games of them. Including friendly, training for the game and the technique was the one that happened in the game. They have a great look, as I already said and repeat. And it made it difficult, especially when we dominated the ball. Matheusigno could still leave. However, in the first half, although they have a bigger possession, it's better, their team. But in the second half we decided to attack more, we decided to take more action and that made us play better, "said the US coach at the end of the match.