Sunday , September 20 2020

After Gabigol, Bruno Henrique approaches historic Flamengo – Flamengo artillery



Flamengo is the team that defeated him in Brazil. Championship leader and finalist Libertadores Naimili has such talented players that opponents have no choice but to struggle. However, red and black continue to achieve their highest goals and, with each round, see its stars breaking individual ratings. Gabriel Barbosa is one of the greatest examples of this: he accumulated individual records and entered the history of Flamengo as the most goalscorer in a season in the 21st century. In scoring his 37th goal against Bahia and overtaking Hernana, Gabigol impressed the World's Greatest Cheerleader – but he may not be the only one to win this mark.

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Bruno Henrique declared his reputation as the "king of the classics" and scored twice in a 4-4 draw against Vasco last Wednesday (13). He broke 30 barriers and scored 31 goals a year. In the thinnest phase of life, the 27th jersey has at least five more matches a year (four for Brasiliro and one for Libertadores, and possible World Cup matches) to score five more times and match the Brocador mark, which made 36 goals in 2013. Bruno is already the third most goalscorer in a year for Flamengo of the century, surpassing names such as Edilson, Wagner Leo and Ronaldinho Gachecho.

Carioca's top scorer with eight goals, Bruno Henrique also stands out in Brasileiro – where he is also the top scorer at 18 goals, behind only Gabigol. He is one goal away from equalizing Adriano – Flamengo's top scorer in the Brazilian Championship this century – and three goals from icoiko equalizing – who scored 21 goals in 1980 and reached the biggest red-and-black mark in World Cup history. . championship.

In his first year at Flamengo, the jersey 27 is also nearing the top of the club's list of top scorers of the century. In just 11 months, it performs better than many of what lies ahead. With 31 goals, an average of 0.55 goals / game is behind Alexandro (32 goals in 73 games, average 0.43), Diego Ribas (38G / 156Ј / 0.24 average), Gabigol (37G / 52Ј) / average 0, 71), Converton Cardoso (39G / 265J / average 0.15), Guerrero (43G / 115J / average 0.37) and Fernan (45G / 87J / average 0.51). These numbers also take into account friendly goals.

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