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After being accused of aggression, Ximbinha says that Joelma expelled his mother – 9/11/2018

Even after three separate years, public discussions between Joelma and Ximbin seem endless. This week, the singer gave an interview to the magazine "Marie Claire", in which she accused her former husband Calypso and former partner of assaulting her for years. According to the publication, the guitarist "lost control and discounted his frustrations in the singer."

"He complained that they professionally respected me more than he did. It made him angry," she said, adding that in the first attack, two years after they met, she spent three days locked in a hotel room. "I would be very embarrassed if they saw me face covered with bruises. "

This Friday, Ximbinha denied the accusations of a former wife in a telephone interview to the General Balance and further stated that "Joelma threw her own mother, called her flea sister and drove her daughter out of the house while she was growing up."

"I want to explain to you that all of these accusations of Joelma are defamatory, they lie, and this week she extrapolated." This woman crossed […]"He shot, who continued:

"[Joelma] He threw himself out as a thief, saying that her mother had stolen her. She took a sister from our home who looked after our children and our home […]. When I try to get up, it comes with these lies and slanders, trying to hurt me, "said Reception.

ABOUT UOL he contacted Joelma's counselor, but he has not come back yet.

"I had a crash machine"

In "Marie Claire," Joelma also revealed that she had bought the shock machine "to defend against ex-accusations." "He carried it in his bag, he never saw me next to me, I did not have to use it."

Joelma announced the separation in July 2015 after the discovery of the betrayal of Ximbina, which he admitted. In the magazine, the singer said that the guitarist wanted to attack her again when she asked for a divorce.

"He came to strike me, The Yago [filho] I got in, caught him and threw him on the ground. I began to be scared about my children. For the consequences they might have to observe violence. I was also tired, and the story of betrayal was like the last drop – he ventured.

"The moment when the violence I lived in left me as a zombie, it was clear that I'm not the same anymore" – she was moved. The release of the singer for "Marie Claire" will be played this Sunday in "Fantastic".

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