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After 12 hours, CCJ closed the debate on social security; session will continue on Wednesday Politics

After a little more than 12 hours of discussion, the Constitutional and Justice Chamber (CCJ) closed the debate on pension reform at 23:28 on Tuesday (16). About 90 MPs spoke (55 opponents, 19 favorable, 14 leaders).

A new session was scheduled for 10 am on Wednesday (17), and the goal of lawmakers in favor of the reform is to vote on the pre-holiday proposal. Parliamentarians oppose the law, however, they will try to postpone the vote.

Initially, the vote was scheduled for Wednesday (17), but the deal was postponed next week. The government's allies want voting back on Wednesday.

The CCJ to Câmara is to analyze whether the government proposal of Jair Bolsonaro is in accordance with the Constitution. If the so-called admissibility is approved, the text will be followed by a special commission responsible for the analysis of merits (content), and then the plenary session of the Parliament will vote on the reform.

Since this is an amendment to the Constitution, the PPP of the social security reform will need the support of at least three-fifths of the MPs (308 out of 513) in two shifts to go to the Senate.

KKJ is reviewing the pension reform report for 14 hours

KKJ is reviewing the pension reform report for 14 hours

Several lawmakers signed up to discuss this proposal Tuesday. However, not everyone was talking about the project.

This is because, at some point in the meeting, lawmakers in favor of the proposal, especially those of the Bolshevik Party, gave their speeches to speed up the progress of the work.

The deputies opposed the text, yet kept the inscriptions and criticized the reforms introduced by the government.

Parliamentarians in alliance with the government defend the approval of the report by Marcelo Freitas (PSL-MG) without modification.

However, there is still some uncertainty about some points in the text, and some QKJ members argue that these passages should be changed already in QKJ, even before the special committee to discuss the reform:

  • payment of a fine of 40% of FGTS in case of dismissal without just a reason for an employee who has already been retired;
  • withdrawal from the Constitution of the social security rules, the so-called. decontamination;
  • system of capitalization.

KKJ met on Monday (15) to discuss pension reform

KKJ met on Monday (15) to discuss pension reform

Proposed by the Bolsonaro government, pension reforms promote changes in various pension rules.

Among the changes, there is a minimum age for a retired worker.

For women, the minimum age for retirement will be 62 years, and for men 65 years. Users will need to contribute at least 20 years if the PKK is approved without changes.

The text also moves, inter alia:

  • in the calculation of the benefits in their own regime of public servants;
  • in the rules for retirement in rural areas;
  • in the rules of the pension with death;
  • in the award of continued benefit.

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