Wednesday , April 21 2021

African swine fever is not transmitted to humans; Understand how the disease is spreading

Photo: Tiago Gomez / Suspension

This week I was in town Tupura, in Mato Grosso, known for being the capital of pigs in the Midwest region. The question there could not have been different from the African plague of swine (PSA) epidemic in China, which moved the price of not only the animal, but soybean.

I spoke with Brazilian producers who told me that they already have the technology to avoid this kind of contamination, and the state itself has a strict sanitary inspection in this regard. Many manufacturers reduce people's access to farms, but it must be clear that, unlike other diseases, the SAP does not have a man as a vector of transmission.

But if a person does not bear the disease of the herds, how is it transmitted?

It turns out, my friends, that the cultural issue among the Chinese can contribute to this epidemic. There, every family usually has home-grown pigs in their homes and, without proper control, the disease ends from small to small.

This does not happen in Brazil, because the creations are wide and distant from each other. And in case of illness, it is possible to quickly control it. However, we must be aware that this disease, which did not hit our country since 1984.

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