Friday , November 27 2020

A year without Gugu Liberato: in tears, Rose Miriam di Matteo remembers the death of the host

At the last Friday (20), the year of Augusto Liberto’s death, Gugu, was over. Because of this, the doctor Rose Miriam di Matteo, the mother of the host’s children, posted a video on her official Instagram account recounting how much he misses her, remembering the day of Gugu’s death.

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Visibly shaken and in tears, Rose Miriam di Matteo spoke about how much she loves Gugu Liberato and how happy she and her children are when he can be with them, at home. The doctor said he had a broken heart, saying losing it was like losing a piece of yourself.

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At the end of the video, Rose even prayed, begging God to protect and guard Gugu Liberato wherever he was. We put the video posted by her below so that you can watch it too:

In comments to the Doctor’s touching edition, many Internet users sought support for her. One of them said the following: “Can you be sure that @ rosemiriaoficial He loved his whole family, you and his children, you gave a wonderful family and he knows that without you none of this would have happened well ??? God enlighten you and calm your “.

In addition, who also prayed to Rose, asking for comfort, which suffers a lot: “May the sweet Star of the Holy Spirit comfort you, your family, my dear ones, may it bring peace to your heart and you can continue your life. May God bless you and your children and wipe away every tear in the name of Jesus 🙌 “, wanted another follower.

An Internet user also showed great empathy and solidarity with the doctor’s pain, commenting on the following: “If we, who have never been close to him, felt part of his pain, he conveyed this love yes, imagine that you are all family, can we comfort you?”.

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In addition, there were those who claimed that they still felt the same as Rose, because they lost her husband. An Internet user commented on the following: “I feel your pain. I already felt the loss of my late husband, the father of my children. 22 years have passed and I am still suffering. ”.

So one fan of the doctor also defended Rose, saying it was easy to see how true her words and feelings were: “My beautiful Rose, your truth and pro transparent. I am your admirer, those who do not see your truth are rude people, … accept my affection and congratulations 👏👏👏👏 you are beautiful ️ ️”.

Losing a loved one is a very difficult task and is often a wound that takes years to heal. We hope that Rose, as well as other members of Gugu’s family and loved ones, will have the strength to get through this very painful moment.

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