Sunday , September 20 2020

A technician sings to calm the baby during painful treatment


In health services, caring for children in times of pain is a challenge. However, orthopedic technician Rafael Dominkk always looks for an easy way to deal with small patients to make them as comfortable as possible. A video that shows a song singing while plastering on a young Pedro, only 6 months old, is viralized by the emotion that the caring professional brings.

An orthopedic technician works at Cody General Hospital in Marandjo and tells Pedro that he is receiving weekly treatment to correct a foot injury. "The cast is to return the leg in anatomical form. It is a treatment that overcomes the pain, "he explains.

Raphael explains that he has always had a playful way, but now adjusts this attitude to improve performance. "To treat children, there has to be another way, they have to sing, play, etc.," he says. Today, at the age of 32, he is the father of two children, Kaike and Nicholas. “I grew up without a father, so I try to convey everything I didn't have in my education. I treat patients like children, ”he says.

More than a cute moment

Rafael Domink said he always posts videos and photos with patients, so he didn't expect repercussions. But what he finds most interesting is the discovery of the treatment. "Many foreigners did not know the Poseti method. There's a lot of good information going on with it, "he says.

The Poseti method is the standard treatment for congenital club cases. It consists of applying gypsum, with weekly changes, as with Pedro.

In addition to the importance of disseminating information, the orthopedic technician also emphasizes the importance of inspiring human treatment in health care. "I just want people to be kind to everyone, the best treatment in any hospital is the biggest," he concludes.

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