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Your horoscope for Sunday, December 6: love, money, work, health …

Which day should you expect on a sentimental, financial or health level? Check it out below with our full horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: be very emotionally fulfilled. Let go, enjoy these privileged moments. Fearful and passionate as you are, you will have to try to understand because your partner may run out of steam trying to meet all your requirements. Single, you will attach great importance to your appearance and, with the participation of the stars in a beautiful aspect, you will enjoy the charm and sex appeal of thunder.

Work-money: You will not understand why, but the money will slip through your fingers. You still will not spend too much. Be careful, some people in your professional circle will deliberately try to put a shock absorber on you. You need to be diplomatic if you want to come out of the temptation triumphant.

Health: You will start enjoying great health again. Very quickly, your morale, which did not rise, will skyrocket. You will quickly regain energy and self-confidence. However, you may be prone to cramps and body aches.

Mood: disturbing day.

Tip: Keep your feet on the ground if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises in the future.


Love: With vivid fantasy, you can add a little fantasy to your romantic relationships.

Work-money: be creative enough to come up with projects that can improve your quality of life.

Health: Treat your minor skin problems.

Mood: Nothing will resist you!

Tip: Red will be your color! This will show your entrepreneurial and dynamic state of mind.


Love: Thanks to the energetic influx, you probably will not have to make any special seduction efforts. In a relationship, you will need to get out of the routine and expand the circle of relationships. Free, you will feel the need to share, day by day, your joys and your sorrows.

Work-Money: Have a better overview of your business. The better you manage your priorities, the more excellent astral aspects will serve your professional ambitions and give you steel morale.

Health: Your healthy lifestyle protects you from all the little worries.

Mood: Changes in sight!

Tip: First of all, do not act on a whim! Make your decisions after careful consideration.


Love: you are charmed by differences and you will be ready to discover other ways of thinking.

Work-money: Your power of concentration will make your work easier. Your critical thinking will serve you well.

Health: you can relax completely and without problems.

Mood: Nice, calm day.

Tip: You need to think about maintaining your fitness, even if you do not want sports.


Love: Authority conflicts are possible, especially if your children are teenagers. The family atmosphere will probably be turbulent. Free, this day will prepare you for many beautiful periods.

Work-money: Keep working hard and you will overcome everything! It will be time to take initiatives. By maintaining a measured and nuanced attitude you will avoid the pitfalls. Your finances will create some worries for you.

Health: Your body will offer good resistance to viral attacks, but try to balance meals.

Mood: The mood will be tense.

Tip: Do not try to impose your point of view, today it will be a waste of time!

The Mother of God

Love: you will do your best to take on family responsibilities and save the tender moments with your partner. Try to strengthen the bond that unites you or tensions will shake your bond. Single, you will be in a romantic mood.

Work-money: show show a good competitive spirit. Be careful, however, not to attract the jealousy of your colleagues. The current development will prove to be positive in the long run. The changes that will happen quickly will be interesting.

Health: Avoid excess of any kind! You will not risk anything serious, but still protect yourself from infection.

Mood: A busy but rewarding day.

Tip: The day will be long! Take short breaks without feeling guilty, so you will avoid fatigue.


Love: know you know how to express your feelings accurately. The partner in turn will show you signs of attachment. You are bathing in a pleasant loving climate interwoven with great tenderness.

Work-money: It’s time to roll up your sleeves. You will be very effective today, take advantage of that. You should not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of your workplace.

Health: Exercise more regularly.

Mood: The atmosphere will be fantastic.

Tip: Even if you are not a big cook, you can still cook a nice little meal.


Love: Affective relationships will not be the simplest. Flight, if it sometimes seems the easiest solution to consider, will not allow you to escape your responsibilities forever. Understand that.

Work-money: You will not hesitate to take some risks in the material domain. Beware of too bold initiatives, you can not afford to spend everything outside.

Health: Exercise to maintain your figure.

Mood: The day promises to be complicated.

Tip: Do not drink high-sugar drinks or you will gain weight without realizing it.


Love: You will not have much time to spend with your loved ones. You are entering a glowing period! Your craziest wishes will come true. Sensually like hell, you will use and abuse your power of seduction without being fully aware of it.

Work-money: you have a good idea of ​​what you want to achieve. Courage will definitely be an advantage. Your efficiency will be highlighted. You will have clear ideas thanks to the astral climate and you will be able to make decisions quickly.

Health: You will not have any special worries. Now is the time to relieve stress.

Mood: Not a very calm atmosphere.

Tip: Do you want to change your mind? You have to wait a bit.


Love: You will seek warmth and tenderness in your family. You are right, your home will be the only one that can give you the comfort you need.

Work-money: You are on the right track! Do not lose momentum by wandering the paths that are not yours. Follow your instincts and you will regain the feeling of walking.

Health: Temporary fatigue. Your nights are too short!

Mood: You dream of a cocoon day.

Tip: Take the time to sort and select the photos you want to frame.


Love: if you are most comfortable outside the beaten path, you need to get out of it to flourish. Why is it so difficult for those around you to understand?

Work-money: Your new concept of work, although quite unusual, will bring you general recognition. We will even come and ask you for advice.

Health: Try to stick to the goal you set for yourself.

Mood: A seemingly carefree day.

Tip: There will always be someone to contradict you, but you do not have to take it into account!


Love: It would be good to put your feelings in order. It has been a long time since you gave up your reputation, but with a little cheer, you risk losing everything this time.

Work-money: Your professional situation makes you very envious, and some jealous people will not hesitate to use dark methods to take your place. Do not listen to overly nice speakers who want to distract you from the goal.

Health: Good physical condition, but your morale today will play chameleons.

Mood: There is nothing special about this day.

Tip: If you are prone to small blouses or dieting, consider light therapy or chromotherapy.

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