Sunday , June 13 2021

Yann Moix, shocked by the suicide of a policewoman, who he brutally criticized (VIDEO)


Drawing a movement of police anger in France, Maggy Biskupski committed suicide on Monday, November 12. Yann Moix paid homage to "Les Terriens du Samedi" to a police officer who was criticized in spite of everything.

It is in the program "Les Terriens du Samedi", it was given at the end of September that the polemicist was vicious against the police on the set. Among the police attacked by his critics, Maggy Biskupski. Traffic advocate "Mobilizing bad police officers ", this 36-year-old woman wanted to testify about the discomfort of her colleagues living in France.

In this turbulent exchange, the chronicler did not die: "Fear in the stomach, you do not have balls to go to dangerous places"He began."I believe that coming to persecute you through TV programs makes people laugh at you."Words that sparked a real scream in France." Alternative Union Police CFDT, invited in the show, also took over the CSA after the broadcast of the talk show program.

A few weeks later, the policewoman killed herself with a service weapon. A drama very experienced by Moix, considering the context. "It's awful when you get angry (…) that you find out that the person you saw in front of you, so young, is not there anymore. You say death is always wrong, but it always has the last word"he shared, he shrugged.

"If she were here today, maybe I would talk to her long after the debate and I will not go away as fast as last time. I believe that in such moments there is silence and respect, and that in the coming weeks I will not be able to stop thinking about it regularly.".

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