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WWE SmackDown results for December 4, 2020

Photo credit: WWE

WWE SmackDown Review on December 4th

WWE SmackDown Orlando, ThunderDom

Commentators include Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

– Tonight is WWE SmackDown, the blue show starts with the Superstars coming on stage in honor of Pat Patterson. The ringtone rings 10 times, and then the introductory SmackDown begins. Commentators greet us and Kayla Braxton is in the ring. She asks us to welcome Roman rule. The second arrives accompanied by Eyes Uso and Paul Hayman. A video of what happened last week is being released.

Kayla Braxton asks Roman Raines if he is afraid of Kevin Owens. The Universal Champion replies that this is probably the biggest thing he has done in the WWE and she comes here to ask him a stupid question. We have an experienced man with Michael Cole, we trust him to ask questions to the one at the bottom of the table, to Tribal cook, and she asks him a stupid question … Next question. Brexton asks him if he uses Eyes Uso as a pawn and manipulates him.

Roman Reigns replies that these are stupid words for stupid people. Does he look like a manipulated man? He is the protector and provides for the needs of the family. His cousin Eyey Uso, half the biggest team in a generation, what has he been up to in recent months? Did Brexton do his homework? Rains tells Hayman to take care of this amateur girl. Hayman says the audience grew in 2020 thanks to Eyey Uso. He is cut off from the music of Kevin Owens who arrives in the ring. He made it clear last week that he is not afraid of Rains and since Rains is not afraid of him, why wait? They can do it now and here! Hayman was supposed to hand over the microphone to Raines, but Uso grabbed his hand before saying that they were running the show and they accepted.

Kevin Owens says he has talked to everyone at the bottom of the table. If not for now, why not TLC? If Reigns is at the end of the table, let them add tables, ladders and chairs! Let him claim his title as a man. If not, they can do it now. Reigns replies that he does not deviate from any man. He is not afraid of anyone. He accepts. If he was the man he used to be, he would kick her in the ass now. But there is a time and a place. He is a gentleman. There is a woman in the ring. Let Owens grow.

Roman rules, Paul Hayman and eyey Uso leave the ring. Kevin Owens told Roman Ryanes that he wants to grow up, but he wants to grow his balls because Ryanes is just a whore!

– Behind the scenes, eyey Uso says that he may have crossed the border, but he had to stand up for his family. Roman Raines tells him that remembering the consequences he wants.

– The commentators announced that Roman rules and Kevin Owens will face TLC in a TLC match.

– Bianca Beller is in the comments for the next match.

Single match

Bailey vs Natalia

At the end of the match, Natalia struggles to catch Bailey and gives her a sharpshooter to make her give up.

Winner: Natalia

– A video in honor of Pat Patterson is published.

– The first belt of the Intercontinental title is placed next to the ring.

Match for teams with 6 men

The 6 wrestlers are former Intercontinental champions, in order to pay their respects to Pat Patterson.

Daniel Bryan, Ray Mysterio and Big E vs. Dolph Ziegler, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zane

At the end of the match, Sami Zane makes Dropkik, followed by Daniel Bryan’s Brainbuster, then squeezes him, but Brian gets up and cheers him on to win.

Gagnants: Daniel Bryan, Ray Mystery and Big E.

– After the match, the winners return to the ring and remove Shinsuke Nakamura, and then Sami Zane from the ring. Dolph Ziegler tries to ally with the wrestlers, but Brian catches him, followed by 619 from Mystery and Big End from Big E.

– Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton is with Kevin Owens. She asks him why he does not like Roman rule. Owens replies that he used to respect and admire Raines, but he has changed and that is contempt. Owens is not perfect, but he apologized to the staff and the list. Callisto arrives and looks lost before leaving. Owens expresses his anger at Raines, and then Otis arrives. He is excited about tonight’s match.

– Behind the scenes, Carmela and Sasha Banks are in a different room for the interview. Banks says he has something to say because Carmela has been opening her mouth a lot in recent weeks. Carmela is not enough for a woman to attack him in the face, so now that she has attracted attention, it is time to sort out their problems. Cole wants his reaction to Carmela’s comments about being like her before. Banks says no, Carmela wants to be like her. Carmela says she does not want to be a poor imitation of Nicki Minaj. Cole says they know each other from a computer. Banks goes on to say that she trained with Carmela at the Performance Center and knew she was good, she was the first woman to win money in a bank ladder competition. Carmela stops the statement that she won the first two. Banks says she did not get anywhere without help. There’s a reason they’ve never faced 1v1: Carmela is not her level. Carmela says that if she wants to do it personally, that’s fine with her.

She knows that Sasha Banks hates her because being a WWE superstar was not her dream. She arrived at the Performance Center and everything became natural. It flew to the top of the industry. Banks laughs and says that if Carmela wants it, she has her match for the TLC title, but to better understand that she has never stepped into the ring with such a mean bitch as she is. Carmela laughs and then leaves.

– Murphy arrives in the ring with the Mystery family. King Corbyn then enters with two men, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler.

Single match

Murphy (accompanied by the Mystery family) vs King Corbin (accompanied by Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler)

At the end of the match, Blake and Cutler distracted Murphy, King Corbin took the opportunity to make his End of the Days to win with punches.

Gagnant: King Corbin

– Behind the scenes, street profits are joined by Robert Rude, and then Cesaro, who express their desire to have a title match.

– Kevin Owens and Otis enter the ring. Jay Uso then makes his entry … without Roman ruling.

Mark the team match

Eyo Uso and Roman rule against Otis and Kevin Owens

During the match, Roman Raines enters and asks Jay Uso about the tag. The ruler enters the ring before hitting his cousin’s hand and punching Otis Superman on the apron. He continues his attack on Otis and continues firing on the stairs. The referee does not interrupt the match.

At the end of the match, Eyo Uso was supposed to mark Roman Rines, but Kevin Owens retaliated and stunned Uso, followed by a needle. The government breaks the needle and the referee stops the match.

Winners: Otis and Kevin Owens – through disqualification

– After the match, Eyo Uso and Roman Raines attack Kevin Owens, and then chase the wrestler. Then he rules the chair and hits it, Eyso! The show ends with Roman Reins posing for the title with Universal Title alongside Kevin Owens and Eyes Uso on the ground.

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