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WWE RAW Results November 4, 2019

Credit photo: WWE

RAWzumé two november

WWE RAW Uniondale, New York

Les commentateurs sont Vic Jopseh, Dio Maddin et Jerry Lawler.

– Leisure show with three voitures available in the parking lot. Triple H is the premier sorting and signaling company in the rest of the world. There are no avenues available for RAW intro, pyros and commenters are not eligible. Brock Lesnar music and the champion arrive with Paul Heyman on the ring! Heyman represented and represented Cain Velasquez, the WWE Ultimate Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman knows where Lesnar is at a dose of SmackDown, or a fraction of the nouveaux horizons. His client is RAW af Rey de Mysterio. The semiconductor suite in the WWE draft is Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross contingent on an exchange. Heyman dit qu'il gère fall le contrat de Lesnar et Lesnar peut changer de division s'il le veut. Pourquoi? The Lesnar car is powered, different, and just as fast as it is.

Lesnar is intended to be a chessboard, and to include petite chiens in coulis to prevent them from being touched. Etc., just the petite chiennes, what is Rey Mysterio? Heyman knows what to do with Rey Mysterio par peur and Lesnar for the detective. Sinon Lesnar va renverser la salle afin de trouver Mysterio. Look no further than Rey Mysterio's fun!

– En coulisse, Brock Lesnar marche et cherche Rey. Lesnar attrape a technician and request for a re Rey. Lesnar le lance au sol.

– De retour suite à la pause, Lesnar cherche toujours Rey Mysterio. There is no other technician qui lui montre un voiture. Lesnar s'approche de la voiture et ouvre la porte. Lesnar tire l'homme de la voiture, mais ce n'est pas Rey. Lesnar is furieux.

– On this video of Natalya's victoire du premier combat capture femme in Saudi Arabia on Crown Jewel.

– Tag Team Match – Non Title

Kabuki Warriors (Asuka et Kairi Sane) vs Charlotte Flair et Natalya

In the fin du combat, Natalya reverses an Arm Bar d'Asuka en Sharpshooter. Interested in a coup d'état in Natalya, but Charlotte only had a Spear. Asuka veut appliquer son Asuka Lock, mais Natalya la repousse au sol et lui applique son Sharpshooter pour la faire taper.

Gagnantes: Charlotte Flair et Natalya

– Après le combat, Brock Lesnar et Paul Heyman arrivent sur la scène. Heyman wants aux commentateurs où est Rey Mysterio. Heyman is asking for Jerry Lawler to be Rey Mysterio and to give you an overview of what a cruel cardiaque is and what this person does not expect. Dio Maddin saves Lesnar for protagonist Lawler, but Brock Lesnar hits a F5 in front of the table of commenters! Rey Mysterio arrives at Lesnar's attic and attaque with a bar de fer ! Receive this review with a coupon for Lesnar face painting. Les officiels arrivent pour arréter Rey.

– De retour, on top of a video pendant paused by Lesnar marching on the cliffs with difficulty.

– En coulisse, Rey Mysterio says Lesnar has an essay on how to: how many carriers and son fils. I faut traiter le feu par le le feu, un oeil pour un oeil. You don't want to miss that match against Lesnar, the WWE champion title! This Lesnar aura crane is available for Survivor Series presenters ?

– Singles Match

Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy

To finish the fight, Murphy blocks Alexander's charge with a coup d'état and defeats Murphy Law for the count.

Gagnant: Buddy Murphy

– This video of NXT's invasion of SmackDown is credited.

– De retour, Universal champion Seth Rollins arrives at the ring. Seth demande qu'elle sera sa prochaine étape. Only when a semiconductor diffuser is inserted and some difficile. Nous a entendu, as many as more than two nous sont heureux of the voir use to counter the demon. This is not important for lui. This is where Bray Wyatt is rumored to be playing SmackDown Universal and Brock Lesnar is retiring with the WWE title. The soundtrack is a recommencer of this story and uses the atmospheric airwave that is crammed into RAW and has a chance to be featured on shows like AJ Styles or Baron Corbin. This fois-ci will not be reconstructed until a few hours later. Vers où va t-il se diriger? Pour me fois, il soon after. Triple H music is coming! La foule chante '' NXT ''. Triple H does not have the best maneuverability of the repeater. Chaque fois que Seth ne sa pas pas quoi faire leur chemin se croise. A homme intelligent is introduced into the quaternary faut retourner in the passé for the sonic connector.

Triple H does not have long connecting lines. La prochaine fois que Seth ne savait pas quoi faire il is devenu le premier champion de NXT. Ensuite Seth is where you will find your new home and the Shield is here. Seth is the encore for the WWE champion and is the devil of the WWE champion. C'est ainsi encore et encore. How many times do you have to wait for Triple H's son or daughter? Triple H is the most important player after Seth is the champion. The hour fell short of Seth's prochaine stage. It's available on SmackDown with NXT. Rollins knows that Triple H has a premier all-around roster on another continent. Triple H dit que oui, mais le champion Adam Cole a battu Daniel Bryan. Nait is a declaration that NXT is here and what is falling. NXT is now available and available only under NXT la prochaine fois. Clairement is not the only way to proceed and you have to be Seth prochainement. Seth fera prochainement va aussi affecter ce qu'il fera prochainement.

Triple H is the first Survivor Series RAW contender on SmackDown ET cont NXT to premiere. Ils ont quelque chose à prouver. Seth in a few hours after the quoi faire, or in a few hours after the energy or passion encore for the motor, but oui. Triple H does not comment on the driver and the driver. There are currently no comments whatsoever. Seth sera donc avec lui ou contre lui. Undisputed Era of NXT arrives at the foule et monte sur le ring. With no feedback, the OC arrives at the ring. Undisputed Era has to be deployed in the field to avoid confrontation. NXT's Dominik Dijakovic et Damien Priest arrives at the OC for the OC frapper in the dos! Rowan, Zack Ryder, R-Truth and Curt Hawkins are top NXT catchers in the preseason.

– De retour, in coulisse, Seth Rollins arrives at Triple H et le félicite for avoir allumé un feu. Rollins knows how Triple H leaked to NXT right after. This is meilleur que Daniel Bryan et les autres. You just got the proverb, just like Adam Cole did for the NXT title! Triple H knows what to accept.

– Andrade et Zelina arrivent. Zelina dot qu'on y arrive, plus a great combination of sport divertissement. Nous aurons the chance de la voir humilier cette femme laide qui se cache der a luchador masque. Nous verrons aussi Sin Cara fierce fight against grand Andrade.

– Mixed Tag Team Match

Andrade et Zelina Vega vs Sin Cara et Carolina

Fin la fin du combat, Andrade bloque un compte de Carolina, ma Cara le pousse en bas du ring. Cara se lance en saut sur Cara en bas du ring. Carolina bloque a Rana de Vega and all that a Powerbomb does, but Vega la repousse contre le coin. Vega loaded with Rana for compute de trois.

Gagnants: Andrade et Zelina Vega

– On this video of a boat landing on RAW in Lana a minute after Rusev tromped.

– In retrospect, Rusev is in the ring and trying to make a drama. The insulter is insulated by Lana de tous les noms, but not in the past. It is esta pour Bobby Lashley et lire du si que Lashley veut Lana, il lui laisse. On the contrary, the Lashley Cul is here! Bobby Lashley arrives on stage with the beacons and accompanied by Lana. Lashley says that all the surprises are all about the ring and the botter is culminating, but not after the feast is over. This week's end is the seventh time, following the Crown Jewel, but they fall short of what Rusev has to say. Rusev did not seem to be interested in this kind of amusement, but rather than the battleship. Rusev is a chance, he is all set to win the Lashley rematch. Drew McIntyre arrive.

– Singles Match

Rusev vs Drew McIntyre

The final of the combat, Rusev's McIntyre frappe in the middle of the ring, as well as Bobby Lashley's arrival and the frappe with just enough buzz, the referee reached the fight.

Gagnant: Rusev via disqualification

– Après le combat, McIntyre quitte en coulisse. Lashley puts his attaque on Rusev, but Rusev plays the ball. Randy Orton arrives at zero part and fait son RKO to Rusev! Orton and Lashley just arrived Rusev, but Ricochet arrives for the expedition of the ring and Lashley tombe sur Lana!

– De retour, en coulisse, Charly est avec Becky Lynch for an interview. Becky says that her son has the momentum to be delivered with the Survivor Series, which is not at the respiratory rate. Normally c'est elle qui veut se venger, mais cette fois-ci elle est la cible. Elle is laible with Charlotte and Bayley, without Ronda Rousey. Shayna Baszler of NXT arrives and requests with Charly de partir. Shayna dit qu'elle attait the moment depuis longtemps, pouvoir la rencontrer face to face. Tout le monde parle de Becky. Elle is a friend of Ronda Rousey, who is not entranced yet. Pour et clair, elle n'est pas Ronda Rousey et Survivor Series elle pas quitter des yeux Bayley, mais elle aux aux de trois ou taper Becky. Becky does not know about Shayna, resting on her as a respecter or a frapper. Guayre contre elle va changer Shayna come les autres. À Survivor Series has this direct delivery for Shayna sans oublier Bayley. The shayna that is heated is the rocontroller. Becky knows what to expect in the Survivor Series.

– Let the OC arrive at the ring. AJ Styles does his best in the past, all on low-level rest in silence. Look at what Gallows and Anderson have to do with the machine and see the trophy for the forward. Here's another win, the phenomenal AJ Styles, not champion of the United States. Unfortunately, NXT is not important for eux. La prochaine fois qu'ils voient ses idiots, vont s'assurer qu'ils not sortent plus d'orlando. Les Street Profits arrives with Carrillo on the stage. Montez Ford does not have a trophy with all the trophies that are available. Angelo Dawkins is quintessential after dance in the combat malgré quéils ont déjà gagné contre eux. Ford dont know what to do. Dawkins reps quit the battles of the OC with his premier combat. Carrillo is the repertoire of a son tour. AJ lui dit de rester en silence, sinon il va le faire pour lui. Ford Day at Carrillo Reports in Espagnol. This is what the glisser versus gauche moment is for the OC and the other particular.

– Six-Man Tag Team Match

The OC (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) vs Street Profits (Montez Ford et Angelo Dawkins) et Humberto Carrillo

To finish the fight, Carrillo won the Phenomenal Forearm and charge AJ, but AJ blocked the block with a Powerbomb and won a free throw with a pair of cords to complete the troop.

Gagnants: The OC

– De retour, announcing that Brock Lesnar is accepting the challenge and quitting his WWE title under Rey Mysterio in Survivor Series! On the Viking Raider voyage the Undisputed Era and Revival dance on a Triple Threat Tag Team Match aussi to Survivor Series.

– Tag Team Match – Non Title

The Viking Raiders (Ivar et Erik) vs deux catcheurs locaux (East Hampton Polo Boys)

The finish of the combat, including a Slam and a Splash on a polo to compute the troop.

Gagnants: Viking Raiders

– Along with the combat, Erik is looking for the micro and the dots that are not available at all and a Crown Jewel item. The OC is nomadic as the machine is equipped with a thumbs up. Two trophy wins. Ivar knows that the OC has a bataille, which will be reusable for Dieu. Rien ne pourra arrester leur raid.

– De retour, les catcheurs arrivent.

– NXT Championship – Singles Match

Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole (c) accompagné de Triple H

The final of the combat, Rollins is ready for the finisher, but the Undisputed Era arrives and attaque Seth! The combat is over.

Gagnant: Seth Rollins via disqualification

– Après le combat, Seth is attained by the clan. More than any other RAW and NXT catchers and the generic bag mounted on the ring. Keith Lee is a suicide surgeon on the ring and is on the show.

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