Friday , April 16 2021

When you are practicing oral sex, here's how to protect yourself from STIs

STI – Unprotected oral sex is at the root of the rise in STIs, such as syphilis, but also chlamydia, which can be sterile if not detected in time, genital herpes and HIV.

However, there is a simple way to protect yourself when using condoms is not possible, or in the case of a relationship between women: a tooth dam, a latex square that helps protect against all STIs, as you can see in the video at the head of the article.

Thirty bacteria and infections can be sexually transmitted and oral sex is no exception, but they are less protected. This is why ENIPSE (the National Intervention Team for Prevention and Health) republished its brochure "Falling the Pendulum", already published in 2011.

Directed by women who have sex with women, she recalls that being a lesbian does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Often taken as easy as it can be cured, STIs are not detected in 80% of cases. However, not treating them can lead to infertility or cancer.

Peak of herpes in Coachella

What happened recently in the Cocalella Festival in California is a good illustration of the unconscious of the youngest when it comes to STI. According to TMZ, the use of the HerpAlert application has increased by 2.083% in Indio, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, where many festival visitors live.

The application works thanks to a group of doctors who study photos sent by users to diagnose herpes, identified up to 250 infections in one day in the only area of ​​the festival and its surroundings, while usually recording 16 days.

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