Wednesday , January 20 2021

when to resume sports after illness?

Have you caught the coronavirus and, now that you have recovered, want to return to sports? Here are some tips to follow for safe and peaceful training.

Do you miss sports? Are you recovering from the coronavirus but still have some long-term symptoms? Some precautions should be taken to avoid unnecessary endangerment. First, you must stop physical activity in case of fever, chills, cough, abdominal pain, headaches, excessive fatigue, body aches and bronchial congestion, reports the allodokors on the site. Indeed, even after recovery, the body is weakened and retains some additional effects. For example, the respiratory system, affected by inflammation of the respiratory tract, remains in full recovery. Fever, a source of muscle and tendon pain and dehydration, also carries a risk of injury.

In British Journal of Sports Medicine, sports cardiologist Heldor Dorez mentions myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle tissue, as a possible result of a premature return to sports. On New York Times meanwhile tells the story of a young woman who died of a heart attack while running shortly after contracting the coronavirus. Thirty-something would have suffered from unidentified myocarditis as a result of the virus. Therefore, be careful!

When to continue with sports?

To continue training calmly, wait until all symptoms have disappeared. Normally, it takes a number of training days equal to twice the free days before you get back in shape before Covid. “Training can contribute to the development of certain cardiovascular conditions, even in people who are a priori in good health.”, explains Heldor Dores. The specialist even advises a thorough examination of the heart before continuing the activity, even in those who have not been hospitalized.

After recovery, recovery should be extremely gradual. At first, take a long walk. Only then can you focus on moderate training (brisk walking, jogging, cycling). If pain occurs, stop for a few days. And talk to your doctor, who will be able to offer you personalized advice.

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