Sunday , April 18 2021

When Laura Laung dies "broken hands and failures" of the Great Cactus (VIDEO)


In response to the parody of the Big Cactus of his personality, the Belgian comedian promoted the guiding show of both in the song, but … in his own way. Comic moment

Known for her stripper parody comic songs – she has already made a zulu when she went to France has an incredible talent, and more recently with a "declaration of love for France" censored by France. 2- Laura Laune last night in the Great Cactus.

In her new song as corrosive as parody, which corresponds to that of Sarah Grosjean a few weeks ago on the same plate and celebrating the flat country, most French Belgian comedians do not spare a group of chroniclers / humorists Two. Between the "not slavery" of Germu de Varze and Cody with the choice of Leopold II to "not demanding" colonies, welcome to the Belgian style self-ridiculous, as we like it. "The Belgians are popular with Manu, it makes you a little pain in the butt, it starts." "You think we have talent, we are quirky, boring." But if you're out of the border, we see only extraordinary Belgians, it's that Cactus has hired them to stay with us well, all unresolved, all broken hands on the Belgian scene, all failures. " Bearded woman, retired rapper: it's a real refugee camp. "

Montoya's 32-year-old star did not save the show itself, for the greatest pleasure of the zigzagic viewers. "I know that we were friends before, but stop calling me now. It works for me in France, let me go. In this bay, I will not join you. […] Whenever you put La Deux, chaos. I think it's so bad that it's incredible that RTL did not get the idea for the first time. "

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