Saturday , July 31 2021

volunteer talks about side effects – La Nouvelle Tribune

A few days after the announcement of the vaccine developed by the American company Modern, a man who participated in clinical trials tried to describe the side effects he experienced when receiving different doses. Invited to participate virtually in the show in the UK Good morning Britain, the American volunteer Neil Browning explain the process before noting how it feels.

Fairly “minimal” risks according to Browling

The man who was the second person to receive the vaccine in tests conducted by the American laboratory thinks that the risks are not so great. For him, compared to the positive impact that the discovery of a drug could have on a global scale, the risks of trials are “Minimum”. He explains that after receiving the dose, he stayed for an hour. The aim was to monitor adverse effects because the tests had not been performed on animals before.

Effect comparable to the flu vaccine

“The second injection happened four weeks later. In both cases, I had no problem waking up the next morning with a very sore arm, just like the flu shot. “, entrusted her husband on his passage to the British show Good morning Britain. Recall that the vaccine developed by an American company Modern is 95% effective.

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