Saturday , January 23 2021

Vinci: calls on the building union to restore Notre Dame

"Vinci offers all French builders to join forces to rebuild Notre Dame de Paris," the Construction and Concession Group said in a statement.

"This charity sponsorship exercise, conducted by a full profession, can be organized under the auspices of the Heritage Foundation and will allow the reconstruction to begin as soon as possible so that Paris can find its cathedral," he added.

The Bouygues group said it was ready to contribute as part of the "patronage of skills" to renovation.

Martin Bujges, the group's executive director and his brother Olivier, are also committed to a donation of 10m euros in the personal capacity of the fund dedicated to the restoration of the cathedral.

The Vinci Group reconstructed last year's old Abbey Pentemont in Paris to accommodate the luxurious hotel and headquarters of Yves Saint Laurent and piloted a restoration of the Mirror Hall at the Palace of Versailles 15 years earlier.

It plans to contribute part of the financing of the future project as part of the planned national engagement and will propose to its employees to join the project. He also says he is ready to help architects of Historic Monuments to assess the necessary efforts.

"If his contribution is considered beneficial by public decision makers," Vinci is also ready to participate in the reconstruction work, the group added in his statement.

(Gil Guillaume and Jean-Michel Bello, edited by Benoit Van Overstart)

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