Wednesday , June 16 2021

Under pain of a financial penalty, yellow vests drown out the reservoirs of oil (video)

The entrance to the Total Petrochemical refinery in Feluy took dozens of protesters who distributed leaflets to drivers, causing local slowdowns. Their operation, however, did not affect the motorway traffic on E19, located near the refinery.

In Wierde, about twenty people crouched in front of a depot from a Proxifuel diesel distribution company to prevent access to the tanks. Trucks that had to be delivered there could not deliver their supplies, that it was heating oil or heating. Suppliers were warned by the company.

In Wandre and Sclessin, over a hundred people gathered around 00:30 at night from Thursday to Friday to install a barrier from wooden pallets in front of the oil ports. Around noon the protesters were still there, as were the police who watched the calm progress of the action.

In Brussels, Lukoil, the largest oil tanker in Belgium, was blocked for about 20 minutes in the morning before the police evacuated six protesters.

In addition to the prices of petroleum products, "yellow vests" undermine the general drop in purchasing power. "A citizen no longer has a decent standard of living," said Claude Gilles, spokesperson for the protesters in Wierde. "It is difficult to afford food and many are concerned."

Threats to the call

Under the threat of oil punishment, the movement calmed down at the end of the day, as explained RTL informationThe yellow vests blocking the fuel decks bounced off the dam and dispersed. "5000 € per person, it's still nothing, whether it's true or not … I hear sirens, we'll go," reflects the protesters at the microphone of our colleagues in Wandre.

The CNE's trade union prefers to separate itself from the movement: "This is not a good fight, I think that people who are at the pickets should be accompanied by trade unions instead." We work and we fight social struggles, not only employees and social benefits, but also social recipients ".

Nevertheless, citizens are ready to remain vigilant in the evening and evening. "We even saw people coming here a few minutes ago with tents and sleeping bags, so we had to spend the night" – say our colleagues.

The French party, the movement of yellow vests, intends to challenge the government of Emmanuel Macron, paralyzing the largest number of roads and strategic points throughout the country on Saturday. The popular campaign launched in October on Facebook was initially intended to protest against the price increase in the pump, and then to extend it to a more general challenge to the French government's policy, and in particular to taxes that weigh on purchasing power. This call to the "national blockade" spread locally, and then to Belgium, which took over the lead this Friday.

The volume of traffic on Saturday, whether at home or in France, remains difficult to assess.

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