Friday , January 15 2021

Ubisoft’s latest game has just been censored!

Posted on November 10th, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the latest installment of the well-known Ubisoft license, has been censored.

Shameful censorship!

Leaders of the new generation consoles (Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5), latest The assassin of faith came out ten days ago. Already called by fans of the license, who praise the beauty of the graphics and settings, as well as its game, the game is still a scandal in Japan. And with good reason : Japanese players are entitled to the version that can be watered the least, because the blood traces are removed. A rub that puts Japanese players to shame because traces of blood let you know if an enemy is hit or injured Aivor, the character the player is camping on.

Faced with the wrath of Japanese players, Ubisoft responded by explaining that the removal of bloodstains is essential for the game to be certified by CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization), responsible for evaluating video games. However, CERO denies any responsibility for this choiceand claims that Ubisoft did not consult:

We have never had any discussion or consultation with the company [Ubisoft Entertainment] on this subject, and therefore have nothing to do with their decision.

Having regard to the CERO declarations, Ubisoft seems to have underestimated the tolerance of the Japanese authorities. Ubisoft also apologized to the Japanese players, and corrective patch should correct this problem in the next few days or weeks. Recall, Ubisoft was already forced to apologize a few days earlier, after being accused of discrimination …

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