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This Friday, the 150th place of MPH in Standarde that seized the opportunity to join two legendary coaches


Liege will lead his 150th match at the head of Standard.

In Antwerp, Michel Preud & # 39; homme will lead the Standard for the 150th time of his career. Returning to the club in June, he announced that it would be the last challenge in his career. Coaching career he started in 2001 (Jan. 21 in La Louviere, won 0-4), on Meus, replacing Dominique D'Onofrio. Back, in figures, in his 149 matches.


The 2018-2019 season will finally be the third complete loop from end to end by Michel Preudhom. In 2001, he took over the team in January and brought him to the podium (3rd). The next season, he will realize what, at the moment, remains his worst act, finishing fifth. In 2006, he returned to the service four days later to lead the club in the third step of the podium. A year later, he returned the title after twenty-five years of waiting.


In 149 games at the helm of Rushe, the MPH won 284 points or 63.53% of the points. His record was set in 2007-2008 with 75.49% of the points. By contrast, in his first experience in 2001 (six months), he took only 54.17%, still runs the club in Europe. Today, five other games, Preudhom is 59.05% points.


Not surprisingly, Michel Preudhom is a positive record of 80 successes for 25 defeats and 44 stocks. Under the guidance of MPH, Standard scored 260 goals and admitted 152. His biggest win, he won in 2002 against Charleroi (6-0) and his toughest defeat recorded this season at PO1 in Bruges (4-0).


With 150 games, Michel Preudhomme is ranked 5th in the standard coaching table with the most games. This ranking is dominated by English Percy Weyling Hartley, who directed 234 times the Ruchs (from 1924 to 1930 and from 1932 to 1935). In the second place we find the Serb Michel Pavic and his 204 matches. Robert Vasega is the third with 175 games, while Marcelin Varu (1945-1950) is the fourth (162 games). With 150 games per clock, the MPH equaled French Andre Riu (first champion with the club in 1958) and Renee Haus, the author of the troika from 1969 to 1971.

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