Friday , April 16 2021

This Belgian brand has been ranked as the best employer in Europe


Shoe Company Thorfs received Wednesday evening in Stockholm (Sweden) the Best Employer Award at the European Institute of the Great Place of Work, welcoming the sign.

In March, for the sixth time, Thorfs won the Best Employer Award in Belgium among major companies (more than 500 workers). For four years, the company stagnated in second place in European charts. But this year, it climbed to the top of the ranking in the category of large companies.

The "Best Jobs in Europe" edition of 2019, the 17th, was to opt for the national winners from 19 European countries.

The CEO of Wouter Torfs is thrilled that the award goes to a family business. "In a full digital revolution, the need for humanity and authenticity is rising," he said in a statement. "This European title is a certificate and a whip on the cake."

The International Institute "Great Place for Work", whose official partner in Belgium is Verglik Business School, rewards companies promoting a trusted workplace where workers are proud of their jobs. The organization provides advice and tries to promote good practice.

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