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Theo Francken lorgne l'enseignement – La DH


Adrien de Marneffe

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Saturday 17 August 2019 à 09h50

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Saturday 17 August 2019 at 10h56

Brussels - Siege de la NVA - Theo Francken at the 2019 Federal Electoral Campaign


The incidence of fever in the N-VA cadres migrated to the level of the flag.

The sequence that is provided by Flemish Governance, conjugated to the PS discourse, plus the probability of the N-VA participating in federal government.

That's a brilliant question to ask at Bart De Wever: what are the favors of the federal federation? I found a solution for Jan Jambon, the pro-Flemish minister.

Et les autres? Theo Francken a carton of auxiliaries, albeit partially ratatinait. De quoi accroitre son poids interne. Deposited plusieurs more than yesterday, the ex-secretary to the State of Migration position for the post of Flemish Minister of Enseignement.


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