Monday , June 14 2021

The "yellow vests" form the political movement, the Belgian Citizens' Movement – Belgium

After four days of action in several places in Wallonia, the demonstrators decided to go further in their approach. Their various representatives agreed to create a political movement that will be called the Belgian citizens' movement. He will take part in the next election. "I just talked to Antonio Quattrocchi, who first called to protest in Belgium and decided," Gilles said. "It will not be a party, it will really be a civil protest movement." "Everyone wanted something to happen after these actions, so something will happen," he said. "We will be there to carry the voice of citizens who are already tired, who are at this end, we will naturally support a referendum and demand that the citizen underlies the Belgian political reflection."

However, there seems to be a problem with naming traffic, because there is already a page that uses the name "Mouvement Citoyen Belge". Established about two years ago and plans to run in the next election. In reference to Belg, its founder and president, Patrick Boland, his dissatisfaction was not disappointed. "At the moment I am learning that they are considering using this name, but it is not possible because we submitted it," he said. "They could ask."

M Boland, however, did not oppose the approach. "I do not mind them, they can contact me and we can discuss," he said. "We did not know that the party already uses that name," said Tony Deloyer, one of the Belgian "yellow vest" publishers. "We will think about changing the name, and joining forces can also be a good solution." "In any case, citizens who have been involved in the last days will be well represented in the next election," he said.

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