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The Wrath of Asgard: Release Date

Action RPG game Wrath of Asgard discovered at the beginning of the year by Studies on Oculus and which were published in exclusivity Oculus Rift for 2019 without further details, has finally revealed the release date ofOculus Connect 6 in San Jose California. So, now we know that the title of The Sanzaru Games (Marvel Powers United, VR Sports Challenge, Ripcoil, Spyro Reignited Trilogy) will start on October 10, 2019 and that it won't work halfway because it will require nothing less than 121 GB of disk space.

It must be said that the wrath of Asgard will offer advanced hand-held combat-driven graphics pushed to its limits, after years of development and about 30 hours of adventure promised by Sanzaru. As a reminder, the game takes place in the northern countries where, after joining the declining rank of gods, you have to help Loki become a true god, alternating between the world of mortals and gods. Note that the title will also be available on Search for an Oculus from the month of November thanks toOculus Lynnk, the system also unveiled during Oculus Connect 6 and will feature all Oculus Rift Quest games via PC via USB3 cable.

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Through the Oculus blog, Mike Doran has just announced this brand new project, Support Trailer.

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