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The Suicide Squad: Killer Croc avoids a revision of the James Gunn movie – Actualité Film

Abnormally succesfull in lounges (746 millions of dollars in recipes), on no charge Suicide Squad soit a réussite sur le artistic plan. Mais ce n'est pas a raison pour ne pas en attendre la "suite-reboot".

Oui, parce que là, The Suicide Squad, what to do next tout other histoire. Parce que James Gunn. Etc., on how many pages we have on the studio exterior, we hear that Warner has an off-screen movie on a plateau at one point or another. Marvel l'avait viré for a basse histoire of tweets nuls il y a 12 ans.

Photo by James GunnJames Gunn, mount the mountain

How The Suicide Squad se déroule probablement in the same universe Suicide Squad, and we don't have the luxury of having a suite of suites, like Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis are about to retire at the peak of their careers, casting is not enriched by passage of new petals dont, excusez du peu, Idris Elba et l'enorme Nathan Fillion.

Bref, The Suicide Squad promet du lourd et on penserait that all the anciens do not want to fall into disrepute. If not, apparemment, certains le vivent très fall, such as Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje qui y interpreter Killer Croc and qui déclarer au micro de Yahoo! que ça lui allait très bien comme ça:

Killer CrocAfter believing de plus

"Pour ettre tout à fait honnête, you are no stranger to j'avais besoin d'our retourner. You are fait, you have the amusement and what I used to do with Bentley, you donct have a continuer avancer "

And what a peach peanut part of a peanut is intended to roast a pea plus on one person, especially effective in the movie premiere. Mais on ne pas le forcer à y retourner sil n'en a pas envie évidemment. Even so, this is a matter of prioritys and on including preparations for projects and how to make them. C'est important les voitures.

Sinon, The Suicide Squad sortira dans nos salles le 4 aoout 2021 et on a super hâte d'y etre.

Killer CrocQuelque part, c'est un peu dommage …

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