Saturday , August 15 2020

The script of Philippe Tome's design band is décédé

The Philippe Tome bandwidth documentary screen is now available at 62, available online on the Internet "Les Amis de Spirou". This is not a testimony of the creator of the series."Le Petit Spirou"et de"Soda".

"There is a paradise for the travelers of Spirou, Rob-Vel, Jijé, Franquin and Nic viennent d'accueillir un nouveau. This is with a large trough that no longer holds the Philippe Tome surviving mortar hier to 62 feet. (…) Les Amis de Spirou present condolences to the family and to such immovable property", ont écrit sur leur page"Les Amis de Spirou".

Philippe Vandevelde, born Philippe Tome, is on 24 February 1957 in Brussels.

Auxiliary editions Dupuis, with Janry, reproduced and animated by Spirou and Fantasy series from 1982 to 1998. In 1987, Tome, fascinated by New York City, imagine "Soda", a series of police action and humor. La méme année, Tome et Janry imagines the histoires du"Petit SpirouThe chart below shows more and more people who do not have the Mégot et l'abé Langélusse series.

"In compagnie de Janry, Tome is a near-perfect album "Spirou" (petit or grand), moreover imagining a service of the groom plus the bellows of the design band. There are no albums available for sale in the US "Soda" ou "Berceuse Assassine" ", peut-on free on the site of Dupuis editions.

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