Sunday , April 11 2021

The measures of the parties quantified by the Bureau's plan: Gillikine invites Buce to show "intellectual honesty"

The MP Ekolo invited the MP's campaign spokesman "to play a little modestly".

onThe Federal Bureau of Planning on Friday submitted its quantified analysis of political party priorities for the 26 May elections.

For the spokesman for GR's campaign, George-Louis Bucez, the encryption of the political party's political party's political party's priorities in the survey on May 26 explains the convergence, "the axis of employment and growth", on the one hand , by "merge MR-cdH" and that "
taxes and unemployment, the left consortium, with Ecolo in the lead

Exit that made the jump The federal envoy Ecolo Georges Gikinette. "When we present to future generations a score of more than 9 billion euros without any other climate measures, we need to play a little modest, Mr Bucez, is not it?"

Expensive MR program

The priorities are difficult to compare with each other. However, the exercise allows to identify the impact of public finances on the proposed measures. In this regard, among the francophone formations, the most expensive is GR. on Mr. proposes to raise a tax-free part up to 13,500 euros. Costs will increase to 1.4 billion in 2020 from 8.8 billion in 2024. Measures to strengthen competitiveness, in particular the elimination of social security contributions in the first three jobs, are also proposed.

"We invite Mr. Buches to show a bit more intellectual sincerity and modesty compared to the exercise made by GR. The price for the created work is enormous. We are really curious to know

how he will finance this. And, of course, we are waiting for the climate action! Adds Georges Gylkini.

Ecolo focused on the climate challenge. By 2020, measures will cost $ 1.22 billion before returning to $ 261 million by 2024. It's about investing in railways, renovating / insulating buildings and "transforming" the tax advantage of the company's cars (economy: 2, 38 billion euros). Raising the lowest fees above the poverty line will cost 1.4 billion dollars, and tax measures, in particular globalization of revenues, will increase from 448 million in 2020 to 2.43 billion dollars in 2024. , the impact on the employment rate would be negative: -0.04 pct in 2024. The debt will be reduced by 0.79 pp and the financial balance would improve by 0.26 pp in 2024.

"The exercise was really interesting, although a model office plan should be developed to better take into account the effects of party climate proposals and job creation," says Georges Gilline. "But this is the first step and we hope that on this basis we will be able to run an election campaign for ideas, far from cartoons and slogans of the MP"

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