Saturday , June 12 2021

The great oral by Didier Reynders: “If necessary, we will move forward without Hungary and Poland” (video)

Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, was a guest on the Grand Oral RTBF / Le Soar this Saturday, November 5th at La Premier. He talks about the stalemate between the European institutions and the Hungary-Poland duo, which goes beyond the rule of law, not to mention the health situation that shakes Belgium and Europe.

А.Today, the great European plan for economic revival is blocked. The budget for the next 7 years: at a dead end. And the responsibility lies with Poland and Hungary, which are blocking the adoption of this large budget package of 1.8 trillion euros. Both countries stand out for their pressure on the press, justice and minorities in particular. There, they stand in the way, disturbed by the rule of law requirement to benefit from European funds. Blackmail? “Yes, we can call it that, but we must note that the debate on the rule of law is now on the table of all European institutions, including the Council. So, it is true, there is pressure, but all solutions are possible. The German presidency, which has the file in hand – because it now holds the presidency of the European institutions – will try to persuade us to have a 27-nation agreement. But if that is not the case, we have the opportunity, it was necessary to work without Hungary and Poland. It must be very clear. “

How to work with Frank Vandenbroke?

Much ink has been spilled over the Federal Minister of Health’s communication error, voices have been raised in various political parties, and the first dispute between French-speaking liberals and Frank Vandenbrough, whose personality was sometimes considered authoritarian or even totalitarian, begins to pose problems today. . Didier Reynders has worked with the Minister of Sports and believes that we must focus on the debate for political cohabitation to work. “We have to talk! He is someone who has a very strong position and who sticks to it. If you do not agree with him, he is convinced because you did not understand, so he explains again. You need to take your time. He is a very competent person, who knows the subjects well. The concern here is communication. He must be able to explain why the decision was made. “Didier Reynders also returned to the misunderstandings that are still making noise in the European corridors. “At the end of the summer, at the beginning of autumn, we had the feeling that we were relaxing the measures as the numbers increased and we were talking about a knockdown in Marseille. I think it is necessary to first explain where the health condition is. I think that what Prime Minister Alexander De Krue is doing, going back to basics, is going in the right direction. “

Union, one vote for vaccines

Despite the British decision to start distributing vaccines next week, Didier Reynders is delighted with the solidarity work being organized among member states to organize general and coordinated vaccination. “Everything we have experienced is due to the virus, but it is also due to the resilience of health systems. While the competence was national, we were able to build a European health policy little by little at the level of the European Commission that was not planned at the beginning, through vaccines and budgets. We have seen that some countries have probably been shocked by others, but the member states of the Union – and those that will remain so – have decided to stand together, work together and wait for the final position of the European Medicines Agency (expected before 29 December). The Commission wanted to take the initiative to make vaccines available to all member states, but also to many other countries around us, such as candidates in the Balkans and African countries. Thus, up to 700 million people can be vaccinated. We asked for logistics plans to work together, at the same time, so that everyone can be served at the same time. “

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