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"The federal government is going to be decimated"

The vice-premier minister of Open VLD, the formation of the federal governorate, is about to debut this month. Alexander De Croo is no stranger to VRT suits, which heuristics prevent the final report from informants in Roi.

Alexander De Croo, Minister of Finance, part of the principle that Belgium should be governed by bonne and due to the avenue of fines. "This is how many signal signals do not pass through a budget of two or more suites."

The budget for 2019 will be followed by a vote within the federal framework of the Marrakech Pact. The confection of a budget is the prime priority of the future majoritarian Alexander De Croo. "As a former governor of the governorate, the budget is voted on."

Well, minister, the scenario of a federal government formation being decimated is realistic. We do not have the PS or N-VA's reauthorization of our public policy projects. "Naturellement c'est realistic! Quand je vois that Italy is formerly governed by a government, after a political crunch, we are not planning to go after possible chez nous."

Alexander De Croo en veut to preamble the recitations in the accords of the Flemish and Wallon Governments. "Quand on examine how these gouvernements vont faire, on peut y voir de nombreuses similitudes. The absolute priority of the Flemish Government is to make the gramper fairer. C'est aussi le cas pour les Wallons. Fall in, there are differences. Mais elles sont moins grandes qu'il ni parit."

We are optimistic about OPEN VLD

Alexander De Croo has just launched the Liberal Flemish in a highly optimistic manner in the formulation of a reunion with the N-VA, the PS, the sp.a, the MR, the Open VLD and the CD&V. In an interview donated by the journal "De Tijd", the president of the Open VLD affirms that federal federations do not fall further along with the advances that they make.

It is also optimistic about the most innocent and tired of the total plus the demeanor coupled with a vigorous liberal enthusiasm. L'Open VLD signaled that the prospect of a federal government formation without N-VA implies the presence of Flemish and Francophone ecologists.

Dance "De Tijd" Gwendolyn partially covered all of these reports by this option option. Selected by the President of the Open VLD, the premier PSC and N-VA scenario "n'est déjà pas simple"The composition is a major resonance with the PS, the sp.a, the Open VLD, the MR, the CD&V, Ecolo et Groen sera ces yeux"encore moins simple".

Ideologically, flamethrowers are not as effective as ecologists. The VLD Open serialized the formation of the plus-size of this major, with the difficulty of applying the program in a single compartment with more than one partition. Accordingly, this formula does not include a major in the Flemish linguistics group. L'Open VLD donated, in the case of reprisals, a Flemish opposition immediately from Vlaams Belang et la N-VA.

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